Can't open ports on SBV5220 and Linksys router

I have a WRT54G Ver3 and a Motarola Comcast SBV5220. I have oped port 6180 on the linksys router and also added the open port into utorrent. But when I check the port using a port forward test site, it says the port is not opened. I've tried differnet port, still not working.

I have the latest firmware on the linksys.

Any thoughts?
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Robert Sutton JrConnect With a Mentor Senior Network ManagerCommented:
Are you opening the port on the Linksys? If so, typically it requires you to define a "Lan" side Ip address in the configuration when defining the port and or application associated with the action. Are you sure you have assigned the proper "Lan" Ip address or are you using DHCP and everytime you log your PCs/Servers etc, they come back up w/ differently assigned Ip addresses? If so, then this may be your problem. If you want to use a device and assign it w/ port triggering or forwarding for application purposes, its typically a good idea to use a static Ip address for that device or resource. Hope this helps.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
That's the way I have it. I assigned a staic IP and it's correctly setup to forward the port on that ip. Still nothing.
rdefinoAuthor Commented:
Have I stumped everyone?
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