Restore from Ghost Image with A:\GHOSTERR.TXT errors

Am trying to restore a Panasonic CF-52 with a AF SDC image created from an unknown version of Ghost. The image is on a bootable DVD, with a .GHO file and is broken out into six .GHS files as well. The CF-52 has no floppy drive, but the app tries to write to a GHOSTERR.TXT file during restoration. Added a USB floppy with a newly formatted diskette, works fine for read/write in XP, but hangs during restore launch with erratic errors (disk corrupt, drive invalid, A:\GHOSTERR.TXT cannot be opened). A known good file on a known good disk (created a file called GHOSTERR.TXT in Notepad, tested good) becomes corrupt by running the restore app - the drive activates during the restore process and appears to be reading before the error is generated. The file cannot be reopened in Windows afterward.
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That's a problem with ghost. I use Panasonic CF-29's and 30's you don't really have to waste your energy on that. The error message isn't going to give you much. So don't worry about installing a floppy drive or troubleshooting it if you got one.
Just tell me this, when do you get that error message? Right before the ghosting starts or sometimes after the ghosting process has started?
One other piece of information would be very usefull, how are you booting your laptop? Floppy, bootable CD, Network etc?
jbmciverAuthor Commented:
The error message comes up before the restoration process actually starts. The app accesses the drive and seems to be looking for the file (lights, audible head activity), but then quits with one of the errors mentioned above. I am booting from a DVD which also contains the .gho and .ghs files - this disc was not created here, do not know the version of origin.
I have also tried doing a restoration through a copy of Ghost 03 that I found here and installed. The .gho is seen and is selectable while running in WIndows, but when rebooting into Ghost, the file is not recognized.
I may be up against some group policy settings that are not allowing the fraffic (SDC is a military IA upgrade that has already been installed on this box - firewall cannot be disabled, unsafe ports/protocols are shut down, etc). I am trying to locate a like-device without SDC that I can build from.
What is SDC?
Military IA upgrade... What are you talking about?
Ghost does not care what you are running and doesn't have anything to do with Group Policy. I have a feeling you are using a boot disk that is too old? Why don't you create a new Boot CD or even a USB boot disk.
jbmciverAuthor Commented:
SDC = Standard Desktop Configuration. I don't really want to go into all of that, but the upgrade was engineered by Microsoft specifically for the USAF. It goes very deep into the registry and makes permissions/access changes - I understand that Ghost should not be affected by this when not booted from the XP OS, but I can't help wondering.
The bootdisk was just created, but then again, I don't know what version of Ghost was used. I will create a newer boot CD and go from there. Thanks!
I currently use Ghost 11. It usually gives you the version number one you are in ghost. Aren't you able to launch ghost from boot CD?
Let me know if you need help creating a bood disk.

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