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I have a question on Conditional Format. I have 2 fields

I want to make a new dataset or a textbox that displays the greater of the 2 which is the easies way to do it?
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HadushConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can just use expression  
Note: How would like to handle them if they are both equal?

=IIF (Fields!Cost.Value>Fields!OrderCost.Value, Fields!Cost.Value, Fields!OrderCost.Value)

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gotti777Author Commented:
display ordercost .. i guess it dont matter snice there the same
Chris LuttrellConnect With a Mentor Senior Database ArchitectCommented:
If you just want the greatest value, irregardless of which field it came from, then the code Hadush provided will work.  I ran some test to make sure nulls would not cause any deviations and between 2 numeric fields, it works fine.
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