how do I configure SBS 2008 to accept a connection from blackberry Internet service?

After migrating from a SBS 2003 to a new SBS 2008 with exchange 2007 I am unable to get my clients' blackberries to connect through BIS. I have been working with RIM to try and get this resolved and they have made mention that when they try to connect using the OWA settings, the connection is immediately dropped after it is made showing either a 404 error or 440 error. They have basically told us to check and make sure Web Dav and/or EWS are configured correctly. In my past experiences it was only necessary to make sure both of these services were enabled, which they are. here is the last communication I was sent from them...

Hi Zach,

Or network team has done some telnet sessions and other tests and they believe they have found where the failure is occurring.

When we send this command:

PROPFIND /owa/livia/ HTTP/1.1

OWA is returning a 404 error:

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

Would you be able to confirm Web Dav and EWS are configured correctly on the server?

Do you have any other users on this server who have gotten OWA to work on their Blackberry smart phones or does it seem to be an issue with this specific mailbox?


BPTS Analyst

it is not an issue with a specific mailbox as there are 2 Blackberry users at this client. if more info is needed please let me know I have also attached the log files that were sent to RIM for additional info...

This issue has been very perplexing for me, and my client is getting upset that I cannot seem to find any answer that will get this fixed.
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there is something I must be missing here. BIS is used when you do not have a server (BES) so it is handled by your phone operator ... you connect BB to your servers trhough BES usually
CA_ITAuthor Commented:
BIS is used by many SMB clients to cut down on the operating costs, and can be used with Exchange as well, not just by the service provider, and BES is NOT required to access company email even though it is preferred in larger scale companies with multiple BB users. An example is the company I work for, We have a BES, however, I am not connected to it, I chose to go the cheap route and use BIS to get my company email. My carrier is Verizon, all I had to do to connect to my Exchange mailbox was to enter my email address and account PW on my BB device, and I am connected to exchange outside of BES.  

In this case it is a 1 server company with only 2 BB users, so there is no real need to integrate a BES. I know that a BES would definately be an end all cure all for this, however it is not likely that this will happen, so I am stuck having to get BIS to work with exchange.

Prior to the migration from  SBS 2003/Exchange 2003 to SBS 2008/Exchange 2007 the 2 users were able to use their BBs just fine. Now after the migration I am unable to connect them by any means. I had some difficulty previously  which required AT&T and RIM to assist getting these BB connected, but we were able to get them connected using the OWA settings which requires that WebDav is enabled. I have had my director ensure that WebDav is enabled as well as EWS (this is one of the things RIM asked to be done) I have double checked IIS to make sure all is there. I also know that the OWA web address has changed, but RIM ensures me that does not matter. They insist we check the WebDav and EWS settings, however We are not clear on what settings need to be checked, which is where our issue is arising from...

Also here is more data that was sent to me by RIM this AM

Here is a bit of the logs that we referenced;

      We issue a propfind for the mailbox
      ===> PROPFIND /owa/livia/ HTTP/1.1
      And you return a 404 error:
       <=== HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found

The mailbox name might not be setup as "livia"  (however this is unlikely)

another attempt was this

PROPFIND /owa/livia HTTP/1.1
 handleConnect success=true
 wrote 401 bytes from queue
<=== HTTP/1.1 440 Login Timeout

Ok I understand what you do !
I am doing the same here with my personnal BB !
You're trying to catch your professional mail trhough BIS.
Can you connect to your exchange server using pop3 or imap ?
(using outlook express for ex.)
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CA_ITAuthor Commented:
we as a rule do not use pop or IMAP, and never configure outlook express. this is strictly an exchange environment... I was using my BB setup as an examle to show the diversity of BIS etc...

The issue lies at my client's site where we have done a new SBS 2008 deployment and had to migrate everything from a SBS 2003. after the new deployment and migration everything is going well except the BBs.

That said, yes we are trying to configure BIS using the OWA settings to connect VIA HTTP/HTTPS to the server. however according to RIM once the connection is made it is immediately dropped by the server. it is very curious to say the least... At this point AT&T has proven useless, RIM tells me to contact Microsoft, I know what a PITA that can become :) so I am left with google and here to come up with a solution...

I just am not clear on what RIM means when they say to make sure WebDav and EWS are correctly configured, and the are unable to expand upon what they mean...

Like I said As far as I know they are enabled and that is all that should be required...

As far as connecting to the server, I can connect directly using the OWA URL 
I am sure you get the idea at this point. it is when the BIS tries to connect to the mailbox using this method, it all fails.  
I was mentioning pop3 or imap with outlook express to connect to your exchange. Because if that functions, then you configure your BIS the same way. That is how I do for my personnal BB.
Now if you want to get it trought OWA, here is a how to (I know you probably have gone trhough that but maybe you are missing something) :
If I think about something else I'll come back to you

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CA_ITAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks! I hope after reviewing this it works, but I somehow doubt there is much more that can be done since it even has RIM stumped at this point...
Well let me know
Something else you can try is call again RIM maybe you'll get another technician that will be more efficiant.
CA_ITAuthor Commented:
Ya, have tried that path several times already, and each one is less helpful than the one before... Looks like I may need to go the Microsoft route....
not sure microsoft will be able to help, I guess they will ask you for payment before telling you that this has to be seen with the third party .... RIM !
have you reviewed your config?
CA_ITAuthor Commented:
Ummm which config would you be referring to? that seems to be the bigger part of the question. we know the Email account settings are correct, and we are entering the account settings correctly. it seems to be something server side that is dropping the connection from the RIM software, just cannot put a finger on what the heck it is.
The link I sent, you already have configured everything but the idea was that you would go through all the process again to make sure you didn't miss anything
CA_ITAuthor Commented:
so I am not sure, but after repairing an error I had found with Windows SharePoint search service and going through the steps again, I seem to have resolved the issue. I had a 6398 error in Windows sharepoint which required me to ro a repair of sharepoint services. after cleasring the error and going through the steps provided in the link from dlan75 I have manged to get the account working correctly and now email is pushing out to the device through BIS

Thank you for all of your help dlan looks like I just needed to think outside of the box, and you helped me do that!
CA_ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks again, for your help in getting myself to think outside of my normal realm... it was your comment on configurations that got me looking at the event viewer rather than log files, and helped me identify existing errors that may have had an effect on this... Also thank you for the link it helped me to be able to go over setting more thoroughly after all was said and done, and get this finally working~!
No problems, I'm glad you figured it out !
Sometimes going trhough the steps again is solving the problem, I am not sharepoint has anything into that but anyway :-)
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