Google Apps - Exchange integration

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to integrate the google apps interface with Exchange. We're running a Windows 2008 Small Business Server. Currently we have Google Apps running on our web domain which isn't associated with our server. We're about to move over to hosting exchange internally but we'd really like to keep the google apps interface for people who are used to it (calendar and email). If anyone has experience it would be most appreciated.
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Kurt_SiegfriedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Short version, no, this is not likely to happen.

There is no way to host the Google applications locally, as they are not offered that way.  You can get mail delivered to each location, and end users can synchronize their calendar and some other PIM information, but there is no server side tool to automate this.
Alternatively, you could use the POP3 connector to download mail into exchange for people who prefer to use Outlook.
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kfarhangAuthor Commented:
These are both good solutions but are there any options that would allow complete synchronization between contacts, calendars, and email? I'd even be willing to host Google apps on the server if there were somehow a way to do that if it would achieve this goal.
synchronization between what? Exchange?

Yea, maybe one day..
how'd you go?
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