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GLE library in Tao framework

jsbsudha asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-26
There is a GLE class in CSGL( C sharp Graphics library)....Is it possible  to have a GLE calss in in tao framework.........I want to use GLE ( Tubing and extrusion library) in Tao framework....... any library available.......? Or any other solution to do this....
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Top Expert 2009

You didn't follow-up in the other question of you. Before you low-grade, it is good practice to first give the expert the possibility to make you entirely satisfied by following up with what you are missing. I'll try again regardless...

The CSGL is a discontinued library. The Tao Framework was a complete rewrite of the CSGL. Neither CSGL nor Tao has a class named GLE (at least, I couldn't find it). Perhaps you meant this: http://linas.org/gle/?

-- Abel --


yes.... I meant
http://linas.org/gle/.... I want to use it in my tao  windows application.......


I want to use that GLE library in my C# 2005 Tao windows application ....
Top Expert 2009

Tao is a framework for OpenGL so you can call any OpenGL function from your code. GLE is a library that uses OpenGL internally and exposes higher order functions for drawing tubes. You can download GLE and compile it with MS Visual Studio in C++ or C. The resulting libraries can be used in C++ or C using the examples on this page: http://www.linas.org/gle/tube.html

If you want to interop with the C++ native libraries, you need to use DllImport inside your C# with pointers to the DLL you just compiled. I recommend sticking to C++ because that's probably easier, unless you're strong in interop'ing.

-- Abel --
Top Expert 2009

Just to make this clear: Tao and GLE don't know anything from each other and can be used next to each other but cannot use each other because they are simply two different worlds.



Refer   "csgl.sourceforge.net" . You can find the  following text in that page.......Something has mentioned about GLE class in Csgl.......That's why I asked about it.......May be I can be wrong but I want to clear my doubts bcos I am a begginer in this subject...........
Help wanted
A new sub-project (module) is checked in CVS: csGLE.
It aims to be a C# implementation of the GLE (http://linas.org/gle/) library.
For now I just exposed all GLE.h function in a CsGL.GLE.GLE class. They do nothing but the project build.
I will contribute, but slowly to this project, but any patch or examples are welcome and will be commited hastily, I could eventually grant CVS access.
By the way my IDE is SharpDevelop (http://www.ICsharpCode.net) and it will compile the project with a single stroke on 'F8'.
Top Expert 2009

Yes, I see now what you mean. But the CSGL project has been discontinued. As they say in this text, they haven't done anything but linking to the *.h files. I wouldn't rely on it. Actually, you shouldn't use CSGL anymore, as the author says in its opening statement.

Here's someone who tried it with Tao: http://www.taoframework.com/node/734, but the result is not really comforting.

You say you are a beginner. May I suggest starting with something easier, the Tao examples for instance, before attempting something as daunting as tubes, C++ compiling and Interop? I don't want to spoil your appetite, but unless you are quite acquainted to the technology, I wouldn't use such a high level library myself until I know the basics... And Tao is really easy to use and should get you started quickly ;-)

-- Abel --

PS: if you're up for it, Tao has quite a lively community, you can either ask the community abou this GLE thing or you can offer to import it yourself and give it back to the community so they can add it as an extension.


I will consider your reply........ Before that....
>>You didn't follow-up in the other question of you. Before you low-grade, it is good practice to first >>give the expert the possibility to make you entirely satisfied by following up with what you are missing..
I want to draw some vertical or horizontal lines inside  a 2dpolygons( which is called as hatching a polygon)..
1, The number of lines  should be drawn are not provided....
2, angle , color for the lines are provided...
 I should follow scanlinepolygonfill algorithm to draw the lines inside the  polygon... But I think it will be time consuming........ so I thought of using polygon stipple to do that... but I t was not useful... That's why I didn't continue it........ If you have any idea you can write to me.......

Reagding this question ,I will  explore  about GLE libraray further and will come back to you.....

Top Expert 2009

Thanks for the follow-up on the other question, it is appreciated.

FYI: On Experts-Exchange it is a common practice (guideline) that when the asker changes his approach, the value of the question and/or the answer does not change. I.e. "what's the road to pasadena?" "turn left-right-left-straight". "sorry, not a good answer, i go to Tucson". At experts-exchange, the answer, if correct, still has merit, because there are other people going to Pasadena... On grading questions: https://www.experts-exchange.com/help.jsp?hi=403

Back on topic: try to work a bit with the Tao library. You'll quickly find that it is quite easy to use and you may not need the GLE for your task (as I understand it, you need a service that cuts through a donut, or any polygon for that matter).


I explored about csgl and tao framework... I can see more advantages in csgl than Tao framework...
1, Csgl.opengltexture2D is avaialvble  which is easy to bind texture on a polygon
but in tao framework there is no such ready made  thing avaialble

2, GDItexturefont or gdifont can be easily used in csgl than tao framework......i could not find more advantage in tao framework than csgl.....

Finally   if i develop a program in  csgl now.......is it really forbidden to do that...... or there is a chance that these  csgl libraries will be removed in the future.....kindly give me your suggestion....

se  both?
Top Expert 2009
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