Call Centre Solution

I need some advice on VOIP phone system for call center which we gonna implement soon.

Which is the best advanced call center solution (hardware & Software) in the current market?

Some tips: ( sorry I am collecting more details from management once I get I will put)

1) Phone system integrated with PC
2) Voice mail, Call transfer, Video conferencing etc...
3) Unified communication
4) Inbound Call tracking, making job card and following it up etc...
5) May be transfer from one site to another (with PRI point to point connection). like after 6 p.m transfer to other country...
6) it should be flexible

Any advice would be great!
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How many position on the call center ?

The answer will not be the same for 10 to 50 or more than 150 ...

An entry point could be asterisk solution ( with add on from vicidial (google it), it may be an easy way to start a software open source based solution in 10 to 50 positions range.

Some more packaged solutions are available it depend on resources you plan to have to set it up.


SR20Service / France
ShabAuthor Commented:
Dear Denisdsr20,

Some input from my side which may help you to provide good suggestions...

Note: Starting should be 5 agents but may increase later.(max= 50)

ACD and Routing
Auto attendant
Computer Integration
Multichannel (Voice/Email/Web/Chat/Fax/SMS/Video etc..)
CRM integration
Cross-sell opportunities

Quality Monitoring
Agent scoring
Satisfaction surveys
Interaction tracking
Work force management

Real-time monitoring
Email tracking
SMS alert
Knowledge database

Outbound campaigns
Predictive dialler
Campaign reporting

Please send me different vendors (Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Alcatel & Interactive Intelligence) details and pros and cons.

Thanks & Rg

We use uccx 5 integrated with CUCM 5.1.2 which I will be upgrading to 6.1.1 shortly.  It works great we actually have 2 call centers running through the boxes each queue has 5 users so 10 total plus supervisors. The system can handle up to 300 agents.  This system has everything that you are looking for the only thing is you can record without getting a seperate recording server but they only stay for a week and they are on demand if you get a seperate recording server you can record all the calls.
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ShabAuthor Commented:
Thanks Voipman, few more queries...

Please find attached excel file which is from Cisco vendor, could you please verify its sufficient asper my requirment or not? Also we need below features as well.

1) when inbound call is coming we need to show a popup window for the Agents (letus say if existing customer calling in there name otherwise new customer calling in then prompt to feed their details etc...)

2) Can we send SMS alerts to clients?
As I am new to voice system your suggestion are valuable for me...
Thanks & Rg

1) when inbound call is coming we need to show a popup window for the Agents (letus say if existing customer calling in there name otherwise new customer calling in then prompt to feed their details etc...)  CCX runs on scripts so you can create a script to do pretty much anything you want.  There are companies out there that will do the scripting they generally charge $100 an hour and depending on the script you want and how intricate it is makes the price go up.  You can set it up to where the agent can log in with thier phone and the screen on the phone shows the information you looking for or you can install the Cisco Agent Desktop on each ones computer and that will pop up (if you set it up that way) when a call comes in and that will show all the client information.

2) Can we send SMS alerts to clients?
I am not sure if you can do this! UCCX does have outbound dialer (requires seperate licensing) You may be able to create a script that would send out sms messages to clients but it would probably require a sms server of some kind.

Looks like you were quoted for the UCCX standard.  I would go with the premium as that is what we have and it has all the options you wanted.  I believe standard doesnt allow for on demand monitoring and recording and a couple other options.

Also looks like you only have 1 server you should have at least 2 for a cluster incase the server fails.

Are you  installing CME on 2811? If that is the case I think you can only get the standard UCCX
ShabAuthor Commented:
Voipman, I really appreciate your time. I will go with you since we need redundancy,
so It would be great if you can let me know what kind of changes I need to make on that BOQ.

Which higher end Router?
Which UCCX version?
You said server that means Cisco 2811 ? Etc...


From your BOQ it looks like you will have the following

A 2811 router with Cisco Call Manager Express
You have a 2 slot vwic that you can install your FXO and FXS cards into
1 Wan Interface card
Cisco Unity Express Along with the with module that needs to be installed in the 2811 router British english with 12 voice mailboxes and auto attendant
A PVDM2 -16 which depending on how many concurrent calls you think you will have may need to be upgraded
256/128 which is maxed out I believe

UCCX Standard installed on a 7816 MCS server with 10 agent and supervisor licenses  windows 2003 which uccx loads on top of

How many user do you have now? How many users do you think you will grow to in the next 2 years? How many concurrent calls do you currently have?  What type of phone system do you currently have?
ShabAuthor Commented:
How many user do you have now?
A. starting with 5 agent.

How many users do you think you will grow to in the next 2 years?
30 Agents.

How many concurrent calls do you currently have?
not too much lets say 100

What type of phone system do you currently have?
Cisco 7911G, 7962, 7971G
ShabAuthor Commented:
Any response?
Since you plan to grow to 30 agents plus you have your other employees I would suggest you go with the full version Call Manager and Unity along with your UCCX platform.  You should get CCM 7 along with Unity Connection 7 and UCCX 7 (I just found a bug in UCCX 5 and I have to upgrade to 7) so you will need the following

Since you want to use softphone you wil need to get some headsets we use the wireless Jabra GN
9330 Headset they are pretty good.

2 7825 H2 or H3 is out now but H2 will be a little cheaper.  These are for Call Manager
2 7825  or the 7816 that you have in your BOQ H2 or H3 is out now but H2 will be a little cheaper.  These are for UCCX
You can get a unity server or use one that has at least 4gb of memory and 2ghz processor.  We have a dell power edge 1950 that we use and it work great.

Your 2811 you can keep with the WAN card and your fxo fxs cards you can use those for faxing and for your local 911 calling in case you have a power outage or someting like that you will still be able to dial 911.

The cheap part in this is the servers you can probably get them all for about 30k brand new.  THe licensing is the costly part.

Since you will only have 5 agent to start with I would suggest you get 10 licenses for UCCX
However many employees you have just add 10 to that for your unity for voice mail.
Call Manager you need to see how many phones you have the licensing goes by phone model some phones are 2 licenses some are 7 Usually you would just a 1000 package of licensing for that.  Your cisco rep can go more in detail with on the licensing.

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ShabAuthor Commented:
Thanks you very much for your time and effort
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