delete files older than 30 days

I would like to run a batch job to delete all files older than 30 days from the following directory:
Creating a log of file names that have been deleted and storing the log

Can someone please provide the appropriate script for Windows Server 2003?
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Robocopy is your friend for this (go download it)
syntax would be something like:
md d:\purgefolder
robocopy D:\ImportData\Customer\Database\source\Archive d:\purgefolder /s /mov /minage:30 /v >>D:\ImportData\Customer\Database\source\Logs\purgelog.txt

deltree d:\purgefolder

ZSLLCAuthor Commented:
Sorry but this does not address the entire question.
Which bit do you think is missing?
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Slight amendment

md d:\purgefolder
robocopy D:\ImportData\Customer\Database\source\Archive d:\purgefolder /s /mov /minage:30 /log:D:\ImportData\Customer\Database\source\Logs\logfile.txt

del d:\purgefolder /q/s
the /v was verbose output and thyis was echoed to the log file but the above is cleaner
the /s searches sub-folders (not bothered with /e as you dont need to move empty folders (unless you want to)
/move move the files out
/minage only moves files older than 30 days
I think that covers everything

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Okay, for 30 points I'm going to say 'Robocpoy'. No more!
ZSLLCAuthor Commented:
OK.  Obviously I don't know how to play the game.  Thanks for your help.
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
*very fat grin*, I got YOU recommending RoboCopy?
Yeah, I thought I never would but... well, it was a 'points'-thing... although, if i come across an interesting challenge I'd answer if for no points.

Oh, and thanks for mentioning me and the 'EndLocal & set...' thing in another thread..

Anyway, it was a nice little earner for Kieran_Burns.... and I think ZSLLC learned something too - and I'm not just refering to Robocopy...

Have a cracking day :)
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