Dear All,

i have a pc (transform a)with siemens fujitsu mother board d1567-c33, recently i have some problem with my pc, after keeping scsi card i lost my display... after that i cleared bios by removing cmos battery, and i tried with new ram, processor, and i removed scsi card also i tried everything but i am not getting display.... i am expecting some bios memory problem, how can i update my bios. Note : i am not getting display
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ryan80Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I was wondering if you had set up remote desktop so you could look at the computer remotely.

I  would try removing all the unneccesary components (everything except the ram and cpu) and see if you can get it to show.  Also you could try changing the slots for the ram. Do you get any post beeps?
Can you remote into the pc from another computer and see what the device manager is saying?  Or is it not set up or its not booting into windows?

Is the video card a seperate card or is it integrated into the chipset?

nivasnetAuthor Commented:
i am not getting any display.... it is having onboard video.
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nivasnetAuthor Commented:
i am not getting any display means even first bios screen also....
than where is possiblilty of remote desktop.
i tried removing ram, changing slots, i tried by removing unneccesary components....still same...

Billy RothConnect With a Mentor Tech Team VolunteerCommented:
Like ryan80 said, it would be very important to know if you are getting beep codes from your internal pc speaker.  Without those one can only assume it is embedded video memory (motherboard issue), ram, motherboard, processor.  And at this point without beep codes your only option is swap ram, motherboard, processor, individually until you find the defect because you obviously cant run memtest86.
Billy RothTech Team VolunteerCommented:
Also it would be nice to know what system change brought this about, the change you imply is "after keeping scsi card", but keeping a part in your system is not a change at all, merely a decision not to change.  It makes no sence.
nivasnetAuthor Commented:
i am getting one long beep and one short beep.
Danny ChildConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
do you get any display if you add a proper video card?

You may find more info on the beep code error here:
but it asks for more info on your PC than we currently have - I think it is a Scenic W600, but I'm not 100%...
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