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How to make the AdvancedDataGrid column widths are consistent in flex

Posted on 2009-06-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have a ADG. when i moving from screen to screen, the columns in ADG are resizing. but i dont want to resize them automatically.

i want the column widths to be the original column widths.
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="listNameCol" dataField="name" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.NameHeader')}" width="250" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="template" dataField="istemplate"	showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.TypeHeader')}" width="80" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="typeCol" dataField="type" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.PageTypeHeader')}" width="80" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="versionCol" dataField="latestrevision" showDataTips="true"	headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.VersionHeader')}" width="50" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="categoryCol" dataField="{ModelLocator.getInstance().commonManager.dataFieldName4WPMgrGrid}"	headerText="{ModelLocator.getInstance().commonManager.folderCatHeaderLabel}" width="100" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="previewCol" dataField="preview" showDataTips="true"	sortable="false" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.PreviewHeader')}" width="50" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="hostStatusCol" dataField="latesthostedstatus" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.HostStatusHeader')}" width="80" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="urlCol" dataField="latestwebhosturl" showDataTips="true" sortable="false" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.URLHeader')}" width="70" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
		<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="createdOnCol" dataField="createddate" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.CreatedOnHeader')}" width="115" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
		<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="lastUsedCol" dataField="lastusedon" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.LastUsedDateHeader')}" width="115" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
		<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="timesUsedol" dataField="nooftimesused" showDataTips="true" headerText="{resourceManager.getString('locale', 'webPageManager.TimesHeader')}" width="50" headerRenderer="com.zetainteractive.view.Renderers.Datagrid.DGHeaderRenderer"/>
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{listNameCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{template}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{typeCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{versionCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{categoryCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{previewCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{hostStatusCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{urlCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{createdOnCol}"
        <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{lastUsedCol}"
         <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider column="{timesUsedol}"

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Question by:vmarada
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Accepted Solution

zzynx earned 1000 total points
ID: 24751939
>> when i moving from screen to screen, the columns in ADG are resizing.
I don't understand what you mean with this.
Could you explain a little bit more? Maybe with some screen shots?

Author Comment

ID: 24760766
I mean, when i navigate from any screen to Datagrid screen, i observed that the width of the columns are changed.
LVL 37

Expert Comment

ID: 24761048
First of all, as far as I know that isn't standard behaviour at all.

In the Flex help file I read (for the width property of AdvancedDataGridColumn):
The width of the column, in pixels. If the AdvancedDataGrid's horizontalScrollPolicy property is false, all visible columns must fit in the displayable area, and the AdvancedDataGrid will not always honor the width of the columns if the total width of the columns is too small or too large for the displayable area.

Is the horizontalScrollPolicy property of your AdvancedDataGrid set to true? Otherwise the above indicates the width settings won't always be honored.

If that doesn't help, the only thing I can think of are the renderers. You could do a test and remove all renderers and see if the problem persists.
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Author Comment

ID: 24761763
horizontalScrollPolicy wasn't set. however, i dont want to show the horizontal scroll bar.
even i remove all the renderers also, the columns are resizing in the datagrid.
LVL 37

Expert Comment

ID: 24762204
>> even i remove all the renderers also, the columns are resizing in the datagrid.
There must be something else in your program causing this. I've never heard of such behaviour be default.

Author Comment

ID: 24765415
There is no manipulation of widths anywhere in my program. i need the renderers also. how to overcome this?
LVL 37

Expert Comment

ID: 24770395
>> There is no manipulation of widths anywhere in my program
Then it must be possible to write a small application - just containing two windows; one empty and one having a DataGrid - that demonstrates this behaviour.

Author Comment

ID: 24785693
Example is working fine. but i don't know why it is behaving like that in my application.
LVL 37

Expert Comment

ID: 24793172
>> Example is working fine.
That's what I suspected

>> but i don't know why it is behaving like that in my application.
For me there's only one possibility to detect that: I need to see all your code. But I don't know if that is acceptable/feasable for you.

Author Closing Comment

ID: 31598379
LVL 37

Expert Comment

ID: 25738426
Thanx 4 axxepting
So you found why it behaved like that?

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