Find out local system time zone?

In Access 2007, how can I find out the time zone being used by the local system, or better yet, the offset from the current local time zone to GMT?
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Chuck WoodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To get "EST" and other abbreviations, you would need to create a function that converts the full name to the abbreviation.

To get the offset, you should import the module into your database (Visual Basic window => File => Import File => navigate to the file => select the file => Open. You can then use the LocalOffsetFromGMT function.
Chuck WoodCommented:
I think this will meet your needs: 

If not,  unzip the attached file, change the extension to .bas, and use the functions in this module.
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
I looked at the link.  I have never seen such a construct before.  Where do I place it?
Chuck WoodCommented:
You place it in a separate module.
wsturdevAuthor Commented:
I figured out where to place it.  It gives me the name of my time zone ("Eastern Standard Time").  What I would rather have is "EST" and the offset to GMT (-5).  How can I get that?
regarding the, I unzipped it and changed the extension, but now what do I do with it to get at the functions?
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