Downloaded Files Stop at 99%

I'm working on a laptop (Vista Business) that will not allow us to download file with IE7.  Can't install FireFox (obviously) and customer can't use IE8 due to work restrictions (Windows update hangs anyway).  The installer process starts running (CPU ~50%) when download hits 99% but it never takes off.  I've cleared the cache and deleted all temporary files (have NOT deleted temporary internet files folder s suggested in another post).  Customer cannot open PDF or ZIP files either.

Customer is running CyberDefender and an expired version of Norton 360.  I can't uninstall Norton - the uninstall process gets to the end and hangs.  I have disabled all firewall and other "features" in both Norton and CyberDefender.  I don't know anything about CyberDefender.

Any suggestions?
Sven MogelgaardAsked:
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Have you tried the norton removal tool

Have you done a spyware and antivirus scan

the 2 virus programs could be cauing some conflict on the download

have you tried to disable the anti virus while you download the file?

Billy RothTech Team VolunteerCommented:
An expired version of norton will essentially leave firewall components "on" regardless of config options. you must do as shagel said and remove it.  obviously it could be a virus, but i would be pretty confident that its actually norton causing this.
Sven MogelgaardAuthor Commented:
The problem is that I can't uninstall the Norton (see original post).  I'll put the uninstaller on a Flash drive and try that, but I'm not confident I'll be able to install or run anything given the fact the Norton Uninstaller hangs and any anti-spyware tools I try to install don't install.  I was thinking virus (Conficker?) but nothing installs and AV sites are not blocked.  I'm thinking it's something with the MS Installer process.  I seem to remeber seeing something like this years ago but I can't put my finger on it.
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in your original post you said you couldn't uninstall Norton but you didn't say how you were doing it.

It could also be a webroot causing some issues with downloads/

try completing an online spyware scan

Have you tried disabling the anti virus programs?
Sven MogelgaardAuthor Commented:
I have tried disabling the AV with no luck.  Haven't tried the online spyware scan - is there one you recommend?
Billy RothTech Team VolunteerCommented:
If you think it is a virus, you can always run the avast boot time scanner which will run before windows starts and remove viruses.  Then you can simply uninstall it when finished.  obviously you would have to download avast and put it on a flash drive from a different pc then install it and schedule the scan.  this would be much more through and secure than a web based scan with the problems you are exhibiting.  I still think you may have to completely remove norton whether you have to remove every registry entry or not.

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agree with coldwash

Avast is best to use
but for an online scan i have used this one and it seemed to have done an ok job

also online scan works well
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