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I currently have Kasperky Internet Security (KIS 2009) as my resident virus scanner that runs along with Windows Defender.  

I've had connection problems and now downloading problems as well.  I want to run an online scan so that I can rule out the possibility of a virus/malware/spyware.

I've attempted to use EST NOD, Kaspersky online scanners, but my resident scanners seem to get in the way... even though I've turned them off... even though I disabled them.  I'd rather not uninstall what I have and find a way to do an online scan.

Any suggestions?

Mark VolzAsked:
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Try surfing to them using an IP address instead of the common name. There are other scanners online, such as Panda and Trend.
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Online scans are highly limited over your general anti-virus and should not be considered as a secure or good alternative,

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Another thing you might try...

Right click on 'My Computer' and click on 'Manage'
Expand 'Services and Applications'
Click on 'Services' > on the right find the service for Kaskperksy and turn it off.

Then try running your online scan.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
All good info.... no worries, thanks guys/gals
Pandasecurity is NOT free, the scan is free, to fix anything costs money! Better off searching for "Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool" (which is free) and trying that first

Online scans are highly limited over your general anti-virus and should not be considered as a secure or good alternative,
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