Which Java Framework should be selected

I am about to start a new application, I will be using Eclipse IDE and java, SQL Server 2005 for database and Tomcat. I am little confused to pick the framework(Not considering Struts and Ejb's). My application will have a lot of transactions. The framework should be compatible with AJAX tools.

I am thinking to use Spring MVC, Hibernate, DOJO...JUnit for testing, ANT for build

Please advice!
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jwentingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just picking "the framework" without a good analysis of your needs, wants, and requirements is never a good idea.
And as you've noticed yourself it's rarely a question of picking "the framework", instead you mix and match bits and pieces of several libraries to come up with something that works for you.

JPA is a good idea for database access (which effectively means Hibernate or Toplink as those are the most commonly used).
JSF for the web interface, several choices there each with its own drawbacks and benefits.
Spring to glue it all together.
Maven would make a good build tool.
testNG for unit testing, or maybe jUnit 4.

But that's just one road, though a road well travelled.
There are many alternatives. Wicket for example has a small but enthousiastic userbase.
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:

See if these help you as they provide a lot of good detail.

(dated a bit, but still has some substance)


Consider Struts2 (Webwork), with the json-plugin it works very well with AJAX frameworks. For a high volume website Webwork does not quite perform as well as Spring MVC, but from a richness perspective, its more of a productive framework for me.

Also consider ExtJS for a your AJAX/front-end, though it is a heavy framework. Not the one you want if you want just light AJAX components, but great for "windows" style apps.

I've had success with two commercial projects in a row using Struts2 + Spring + Hibernate + Ext JS / JQuery

Struts2 is NOT Struts1, and is actually productive! :)

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Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
Here's another specifically comparing Java Server Faces (JSF), Spring MVC, Struts 2, etc. with pros and cons:
Kevin CrossChief Technology OfficerCommented:
As usual, I would agree with MrJoltCola. :)
Glad someone agrees with me around here. ;)

I will say the performance difference I mentioned is not based on personal experience, but one of the Struts2 developers told me personally (he is a friend of mine) that due to the velocity template engine it lagged behind lighter frameworks. I hear that there is a new template engine in the works. But its not that Struts2 will fall on its face, its just something to be aware of page hit vs. page hit.

Performance vs Productivity is sometimes a give and take. You could also argue the same for Java vs Assembler but noone wants to write a web app in Assembler. (Well, noone sane anyway)

Sorry, I meant freemarker templating engine.
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