Installing HP StorageWorks Ultrium 215 into Compaq ProLiant ML350 G3

Current Configuration:
   Server: Compaq ProLiant ML350 G3
   OS: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
   Array Conroller: Smart Array 641 Controller
      -> only has 1 connector, used for hard drives
   Motherboard: 2 onboard SCSI ports
   Tape Device: HP StorageWorks Ultrium 215 internal

   Attempting to install HP tape device into Compaq server
      -> internal model that slides into bay on the front of server
   Connected SCSI cable from tape drive to onboard SCSI port on motherboard
      -> have attempted both ports
   Tape device has power (green led displaying)
   But, can't "see" the device anywhere on maching (Device Manager etc.)
   Note: this drive had previously (to my hiring) been installed on this server
      -> the Symantec Backup Exec is installed on another server
   * What step am I missing to get the drive configured and working?

Ultimate Goal:
   Install device in order to look at some historically dated backup dates.
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Iamthecreator OMIT AdminCommented:
Firstly you need to ensure that the controller that you are connecting it to does not have RAID capabities as they are not designed for use with Tape drives (even if it worked in the past)

If the controller is compatible with the tape drive (assuming tape drive is functioning properly) and is terminated there is not reason why it should not be detected in  the device manager

Does it show up during the POST ???
if no,check physical connection,cables and terminator

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The onboard SCSI on the M350G3 is not a RAID card so that wont be a problem - I have many clients with this setup.

The Ultrium 215 is an LTO1 device so it only runs at Ultra2 so thats no problem either

Most likely is termination as mentioned above - should definitely show in POST
Iamthecreator OMIT AdminCommented:
Mostly all HP or Compaq servers have SMART ARRAY as the onboard SCSI and that is definitely RAID
I would still suggest that the SCSI controller  be checked (irrespective of the fact that its running on many sites on HP servers)
If possible post the SYS INFO file here
Nope - most or all ProLiant servers before G5 had SMART Array controllers as RAID cards but had separate 2 channel SCSI on board.

G5 servers didnt have these but the G3 in question certainly does - from the Quickspecs:

At A Glance

The ProLiant ML350 G3 is an expandable rack or tower platform delivering affordable 2-way performance and essential availability to corporate workgroups and growing businesses
Intel Xeon 3.06GHz processors (dual processor capability) with 512-KB level 2 cache standard (full speed) or 2.8 GHz with 1-MB level 3 cache and Hyper-Threading Technology
ServerWorks Grand Champion LE Chipset
Up to 533-MHz Front Side Bus (model dependent)
Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter
Smart Array 641 (standard in Array Models only)
NC7760 PCI Gigabit Server Adapter (embedded)
Up to 1 GB of 2-way interleaving capable PC2100 DDR SDRAM, with Advanced ECC capabilities (Expandable to 8GB)
Flexible memory configurations allow interleaving (2x1) or non-interleaving
Five expansion slots: four 64-bit/100-MHz PCI-X, one 32-bit/33-MHz PCI
Two USB ports
Standard 6 x 1 Wide Ultra320 ready Hot Plug Drive Cage
Internal storage capacity of up to 1.80 TB (6 x 300 GB 1"), 2.40 TB (2 x 300 GB 1" + 6 x 300 GB 1") with optional 2-bay hot plug drive cage option
500W Hot-Pluggable Power Supply (standard) and an optional 500W Hot-Pluggable Redundant Power Supply (1+ 1) available
Tool-free entry to chassis and access to components
ROM based setup utility (RBSU) support and, redundant ROM
Insight Manager, SmartStart, and Automatic Server Recovery (ASR-2)
Protected by HP Services, including a three-year, next business day, on-site, limited global warranty and extended Pre-Failure Warranty.
pridenetadminAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay, and thanks for the responses, ALWAYS appreciated.

The solution was in proper termination.  The card was connected to the onboard SCSI, BUT, the cable had multiple connectors on the end and I didn't choose the last one, the end point.  Once I switched that, all was well.

Thanks again!
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