Lost connection to MySQL server during query

Creating an asp.net web app against mysql database (with webhost4life hosting).

Locally the data pages work great.  I can add, edit and delete data fine.

After I deploy it, using the production mysql db I keep getting this error when trying to add data:

Lost connection to MySQL server during query

It is a simple add record!  How can I fix this?  Is a timeout happening?  Again, a SIMPLE SQL INSERT!  (Using xsd dataset in VS 2008 with a business class accessing the xsd query.)
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RobertNZanaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I upgraded my connector to the latest at devart.com and it seems to have fixed it.  Plus I added a timeout in the web.config.
Sometimes when a table or index corruption can give same results (lost connection to mysql query).

My suggestion is to optimize, repair or recreate table again.
(Backup if you have data in tables or create new copy of tables and change your application to use new tables to test)
Before doing all that, check MySQL's error log and see if the server crashed and restarted right about then. It might be a known bug.
RobertNZanaAuthor Commented:
I am using webhost4life hosting.  Do you know how I can check their logs?
Usually you must email or open a trouble ticket and ask.
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