Messagetracking Log information in Exchange Server 2007 retention period

Hi All I've got a question that need some more clarification regarding Exchange Server 2007 Message tracking log.

Each week (Sunday) i do Full backup using Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery 8.5.3
and Incremental backup every other day.

when I execute the following script to get the Distribution usage statistic, does this means i get the last week worth of data instead of whatever i put into the -Start parameter ?

I believe that by using Full backup the transaction log gets flushed.

Please shed some light in this matter.

#Count for each group of messages
Get-MessageTrackingLog -Start 1/1/2009 -EventId Expand | group-object RelatedRecipientAddress | Sort-Object Count | ft Name,Count -Autosize

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You command will get data from the date you specifiy using the -Start parameter or as far back as the message tracking maximum log age is set to. You can check the MessageTrackingLogMaxAge from the hub transport server using Get-TransportServer or from the mailbox server using Get-MailboxServer.

If your message tracking max age is set to 30 days then you can only see data up to 30 days ago. If its set for less then you get less data no matter what you put in the -Start parameter in your command.

when you say full backup and transaction logs getting flushed you are correct. When you run a full backup of the Exchange databases using an Exchange aware backup program then the transaction log data is flushed from the last time a full backup was run. However transaction logs are completely different to the message tracking log so this does not matter to the retention period for the message tracking logs

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jjozAuthor Commented:
Hi Mass,

thanks for the reply.

so, can i say that,
 Message tracking log is kept in Mailbox Server
 while the transport log is kept in Hub Transport Server ?

if there are single role per server.
What I would say in response to your message is this. There are many hops and routes involved in message delivery. At each point the message tracking log if enabled is written to at each hop. Therefore in a environment with multiple servers each running a single role then the message tracking log is written to on each server along the path.

Its best practice to have the HT and MBX MessageTrackingLogMaxAge parameter configured with the same value.
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jjozAuthor Commented:
Yes, mine is on a single server deployment (HT-CAS-MBX) and both log is configured for 30 days.

OK, now it's all cleared that the cmdlets above is the statistic for a month worth of data no matter how long i set the -start parameter. CMIIW

No worries. Off topic from Message tracking but.... In case you need more info on transaction logs as well : -

Transaction Logs, The Lifeblood of Exchange

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jjozAuthor Commented:
thanks for the clarification !
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