Changing the network label through CLI on multiple esx guests

I have a VM setup with 200 XP guests on it.  Recently our network guys created a new Vlan to put our VM guests on.  I have created a new network label on the ESX hosts, and tested that the vlan works.  Everything is working well.

Right now, all the VM guests are on Network_1.  What I would like to do is switch them to Network_2 without having to right click and edit settings on 200 VM's.  Each VM only has 1 network card, so i am hoping there can be an easy way to do this through CLI.

Can someone help me with this?
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sounds like you need to use powershell scripts, perhaps a powershell guru can help you on this
michaelmulAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  The link you gave me provided me with the solution I needed.
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