how to remove DNS zone Delegation

Dns zone delegation removal from win 2003 server
i have created dns zone delegation,now i am facing the problem like daily one Entry created in dns like
1.  (A) hostname
      (C) Hostname
       (A) Hostname  192.168.1 14
Hostname is same but the Ipadress is different,
I want to solve this issue,
Kindly give any solution so that i can solve this issue

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Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:


Each of those entries can be deleted if we're only dealing with DNS.

I guess you're not manually creating those? Does the zone accept Dynamic Updates? What else is the zone used for (Active Directory?)?

vicky1982Author Commented:

yes it is integreted with AD, i am not creating this entries manually , it creates automatically next days, when i see ,

i have made some changes like delegation dns zone, but now it creates automatically host record for that record which i delegate.

now i want to remove delegation.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

If the zone holding those records is for AD then it isn't suprising. Those records are added because AD needs them to function properly. It allows you to lookup the domain name and get the IP addresses for every Domain Controller in reply.

What did you delegate?

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vicky1982Author Commented:
I delegate the DNS Zone like,

In my domain webbased application is running , for company requirement that which webpage  opened externally from outside out network (internet) same we can open it in internal,

so i did the one  host entry in dns  like www, for that we can open www.hostname of server and webbased application will be opened,

but when another website is host on same webserver , then company wants that same website will open same way,

so I delegate the WWW host record to another wesite .

like first it is www.   (like test is my server hostname)
second it is

now the problem is that when the application team type in address bar  http://test  then website is open but another,
because of DNS host entry in dns
it creates      test   ( this is the right)      home (this entry i have to delete manually daily)
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Hmm kind of getting there.

You're using the wrong terminology. Delegation is a very specific operation in DNS, but it isn't what you're doing here. It's been confusing me :)

Is "" the AD Domain Name? If it is, you will not be able to do "" without compromising Active Directory.

vicky1982Author Commented:

My domain name is and  my website is running with same domain name like
we have created one more website like

problem is that all are working site is opening, is opening from external.

but in internal network, when my application team in the morning time type http://test the website is open not the

because of host entry, which i have earlier mentioned.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Any chance you can show me a screen shot of this?

I need to know exactly what's been created and what you're expecting to happen.

Is this one a Host (A) record?      test   ( this is the right)

Do both sites run on the same web server? If so, are you using Host Headers to separate the sites?

Have you created a new DNS Zone for ""? Or are you adding records under ""?

vicky1982Author Commented:
yes, I will show you the screen shot tommorrow once it will create new entry.
vicky1982Author Commented:
Hi ,please find the attached screenshot yesterday and Today.

now you will see that ,

yesterday i take a screen shot, and today, webserver entry
created automatically,
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Cool, thanks for that :)

Is "webserver" the actual server name? Does that zone have dynamic updates enabled?

vicky1982Author Commented:
Yes ,

webserver is my server hostname.and my DNS has Dynamics Update are enabled.

but letsstayhealthy is not a domain name i have created only for website to be open in my internal network in DNS. and this is not a server.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

LetsStayHealthy points to the same IP address in both screenshots though, so that's not a problem is it?

So where is the name for webserver being used in such a way that this is a problem?

vicky1982Author Commented:
hi ,

letsstayhealthy is rights but my concern is ,why the webbserver entry is creates automatically,

I don't want the double entry with same host name but ip address is diffrenet.

i wants only one entry of webserver with host entry, not webserver host entry.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Is the second IP Address (the one that appears automatically) assigned to the host?

Deleting the record and recreating it doesn't remove it's rights to update. You could select Security, then look for an entry in the list for WebServer, removing that will prevent i updating the record.

vicky1982Author Commented:
I have checked on security tab, but nothing found.
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

Is the second IP Address (the one that appears automatically) assigned to the host?

I'm curious why you need to change the address here.

vicky1982Author Commented:
no is the ip address that is i have given to the webserver second NIC card ,

on my weserver there is two NIC Card , one is,and second is,

i think i got the cause why its creating automatically,

but can it be possible that ip address could not create host entry in dns ,

becuse the problem is that on (webserver) some other site is open,and on ip address some other site is hosted,

due to the dynamics update in dns , it creates the host entry

and when user type the url http://webserver main site is not opened second site is opened,

or IS it possible that when user type http://webserver , it will not points to another site it will point its original site,
any settings in IIS ?
Chris DentPowerShell DeveloperCommented:

> but can it be possible that ip address could not create host entry in dns ,

Sure, requires a little change in the Registry to properly prevent it registering that address. See the article below, under "Forward and reverse per adaptor":

> or IS it possible that when user type http://webserver , it will not points to another site it will point
> its original site, any settings in IIS ?

That could be done if you used Host Headers and the site was bound to both adapters. Are you familiar with Host Headers?


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