Connect to Groupwise 8 via Java Connector


I am very new to Groupwise. I am wondering if there is a connector API out there that can connect to Groupwise 8 and get the documents and emails that are available.
The problem is that I am searching for a connector similar to an Outlook Connector. I can connect to Outlook via the API and get all the emails or search for emails. Just what I need.
Now I am searching for a similar solution for Groupwise 8.
I am preferring a Java connector. But if this is not available other languages are also welcome (e.g. C#).

I already googled after a solution but without any result. Maybe I was searching with the wrong terms.

Any help is welcome!
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I *think* what you'll want for this is GroupWise Web Services (SOAP), it is how most 3rd-party apps interact with GroupWise these days.
manuel_mAuthor Commented:

thank you for the link. I am waiting a few days for any other possible solution that might be posted here.

But the GroupWise Web Services (SOAP) might be the right solution.

Is it possible to get all information with the SOAP protocol from GroupWise ? email, tasks, appointments, etc. ?
And how about user rights? Is there a response that the user cannot get the information that is asked ?

Yes, you can access those item types and also address books, folder lists, etc. The question about user rights, I don't know. Here's a bit more info that may be of help to you:

"Please pass the S.O.A.P." -

The bottom of the article has an example of Java code to retrieve the folder list from a GroupWise user's account.

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manuel_mAuthor Commented:
One last question on this.

Is there a way to display the results of a search or of an  email in the Novell Client.
What I mean is: If I have a list of emails that I received with SOAP can I show it in the Client?

But the SOAP seems to be the right thing to get all the information from GroupWise.
Only showing the results in the native program seems to be a problem.

Thank you.

Not being a programmer myself, I can't answer how to manipulate the data you extract from GroupWise. The developers' forum might be a better place to ask if you don't get another response from EE.

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manuel_mAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your solution. I will try to get an answer from the novell developer forum.
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