Arcserve backup job fails

I have Arcserve 9.0 build 2020 running on a Windows 2003 Server - I physically changed the Tape drive and tapes but the installation has remained the same

I get the error as per below each time the backup job starts - the same thing happens whether I inventory, quick erase, quick erase plus etc on tapes

Type               Date                Job      Session  Message

Information        2009/06/29 09:18:14 3155              Reschedule Backup Job for 30/06/09 at 09:05.
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              Backup Operation Failed.
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Rotation Makeup Job No................. 3
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              Missed Nodes/Volumes:
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Total Files backed up.................. 0
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Total Directories backed up............ 0
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        -- Failed and Canceled status.......... 7
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        -- Complete and Incomplete status...... 0
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Total Volumes to be backed up.......... 7
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        -- Failed and Canceled status.......... 6
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        -- Complete and Incomplete status...... 0
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Total Nodes to be backed up............ 6
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Serial No [Seq 0]...................... 1000032
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Total number of sessions............... 0
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Media ID............................... 0000
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Media Name............................. N/A
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Media Pool............................. tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155     1        Device Group........................... *
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              *** Backup Summary for Job ID 3155 ***
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              Make up job is submitted successfully.
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              Add to make up job - Make up node item : FILESERVER.
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:53 3155              Add to make up list  - Make up all nodes and disks.
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:23 3155              Format <BLANK> as MONDAY (serial # 1000032).
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:23                   Format Successful!
Information        2009/06/29 09:17:23                   Tape Engine finished formatting media.(new name: MONDAY, old name: )
Information        2009/06/29 09:13:44 3155              Format <BLANK> as MONDAY (serial # 1000031).
Information        2009/06/29 09:13:44                   Format Successful!
Information        2009/06/29 09:13:44                   Tape Engine finished formatting media.(new name: MONDAY, old name: )
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:34 3155              Job will be cancelled in 5 minute(s).
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              5. <BLANK>
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              4. TUESDAY [S/N:1000021,SEQ:1] tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              3. WEDNESDAY [S/N:1000025,SEQ:1] tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              2. THURSDAY [S/N:1000019,SEQ:1] tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              1. MONDAY [S/N:1000018,SEQ:1] tapeserverE
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              Please mount one of the following media in device group GROUP1:
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04 3155              Format <BLANK> as MONDAY (serial # 1000030).
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04                   Format Successful!
Information        2009/06/29 09:10:04                   Tape Engine finished formatting media.(new name: MONDAY, old name: )

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What error?
niallo32Author Commented:
Error as in no files backed up
niallo32Author Commented:
When I go through setting up a new Backup job through the wizard (previous backup job has been working fine for a few years until I changed the tape drive)

I get the following error message on the second screen of the wizard:

'Backup destination - No device group available'

When I go through 'Device configuration/Tape Library'  and select 'Library Devices' on the left and choose 'auto config'  I can hear the tape drive going through the motions, yet it stops with the following error:

'Automatic drive assignment failed. Operation has not completed successfully'

I can then assign the drive on the right manually and click 'next' twice to finish

Here is the log from it:


Type               Date                Job      Session  Message
Information        2009/07/02 09:45:28                   Using quick Initialization [Device:2][DELL    ]
Information        2009/07/02 09:45:28                   Tape Engine is Started.
Information        2009/07/02 09:38:43                   Tape Engine is Stopped.
E8000              2009/07/02 09:37:45                   Critical Error, changer must have at least one changer drive assigned. [Device:2][DELL    PV-124T         0043]
Information        2009/07/02 09:37:45                   Tape Engine is Started.
Information        2009/07/02 09:37:45                   NEW DEVICE 1, [CERTANCEULTRIUM 2       1914]
Information        2009/07/02 09:27:12                   Tape Engine is Stopped.
Information        2009/07/02 09:25:39                   Using quick Initialization [Device:2][DELL    ]
Information        2009/07/02 09:25:39                   Tape Engine is Started.
Information        2009/07/02 09:19:50                   Tape Engine is Stopped.


I then start a backup job wizard and I get the original error

'Backup destination - No device group available'

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Disable the tape drives and library from within the OS Device Manager, then restart the server.

Now run Device Configuration, make sure the drives are "not" listed under the library. If they are, then select and click Remove, then click Exit to close out.

Now run Device Configuration again and this time it should automatically assign the drives in the correct order.
niallo32Author Commented:
Tape drive and Library are already disabled in Device Manager.

I re-enabled then disabled again and restarted.

I went to Wizards/Device Configuration and clicked 'Remove' on the drives underneath Library

This left a Dell PV-124T on the left under 'Library devices' and 'Certrance Ultrium' on the right under 'available devices'

If I click 'next' at this point I get the error - 'This tape library (Dell PV-124T must have a minimum of 1 devices assigned'

I click 'Exit'

I start the 'Device config' wizard again and the exact same thing reoccurs.
niallo32Author Commented:
Install windows generic drivers for tape library and tape drive, see if that works
starting over.

the tape gets formated and then nothing is backed up.
going back to - error as in no files backed up.
Set the Job Engine in debug (via Server Admin > Configuration)
and then check the log for additional info.

If that does not help then setup a new test job to backup some local directory.
If that works, try setting up a new job.

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niallo32Author Commented:
It finally worked - I'm entirely sure why - I uninstalled everything again, software and hardware and followed the solution
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