How to create AD group for Administrators that won't pick up Group Policy

I'm using SBS 2008 and would like to create a group in the AD to put administrators into, that won't pick up and Group Policy settings when logging in. Essentially a group that is free from any group policy restrictions etc.

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L0n3W0lfConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Start Group Policy Management
Select the OU you move the accounts -> right click and select Block Inheritance.
That should be all, but only if you don't use GPO with the No Override flag set, i think that cuts through this barrier.
Simply putthe user  in its own OU then in Group policy management and right click on the OU and Block inheritance
Remove the right to apply the GPO. You can do that for every GPO you dont Want to applied to your admins
rowdybeansAuthor Commented:
I've moved the admin accounts to thier own OU. But I'm not sure what you mean by Block Inheritance?
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