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T SQL Select with order by and join

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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I am trying to write a t-sql query where i am trying to select top 1 column order by desc and making a join with another table. Here's the sample of my desired output along with the table structure:

ID      Comments      MyID            Date
1      A                  11            11:34PM
2      B                  22            12:00PM
3      C                  33            01:20AM
1      AA                  11            05:00PM
1      AAA            11            03:00AM

ID      Name
1      X
2      Y
3      Z

ID      Comments      MyID              Name
1      AAA            11            X
2      B                  22            Y
3      C                  33            Z

I want a join from Table1 and Table2 with Table1 returning just top 1 row order by ID desc and join with Table2.
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u ll need a column to uniquely identify each row of table 1
Assuming u r using MS SQL:
Alter Table Table1
add SrNo int identity

select b.*
from (select id,max(SrNo) as SrNo
from table1
group by id) a
inner join table1 b
        on a.SrNo=B.SrNo
inner join table2 C
        on b.id=c.id

In Oracle:
u hv to add a sequence in place of identity column
Alternatively u can use following query if u r sure that date column is unique and stores time till millisecond.

select b.*
from (select id,max([Date]) as MyDate
from table1
group by id) a
inner join table1 b
        on a.MyDate=B.MyDate
inner join table2 C
        on b.id=c.id
can you try this one?

select b.id,a.comment,a.myid,b.name
from table1 as a join table2 as b
on a.id=b.id and a.date=
      select dt from
      (select MAX(ta.date) as dt,ta.id from TableA as ta where ta.id=b.id  group by id) as t
awking00Information Technology Specialist

I'm not sure I understand your question. You indicate "order by ID desc" but your desired output shows the ID field in ascending order. Also, what is the criteria being used to determine top 1? Is it the earliest time (date) or the longest comments?
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awking00Information Technology Specialist

I've been on two weeks vacation and didn't get the opportunity to see this, but I'm curious why a comment was selected as an accepted solution, especially when the comment included an agreement with my comment?
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