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sbs monitoring wizard fails on all steps

Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have been getting events in the log for my SBS2003 for a long while regarding Sharepoint and Monitoring.
Both are failing;
Monitoring generates a 4104 error (cannot connect to the monitoring database) and Sharepoint generates a 1000 event - the #50070 error - cannot connect to database STS_servername on servername\sharepoint

Initially I want to get monitoring working again and then sharepoint. I mention both in this question because they may be related (both being SQL database connection errors).

I tried running the Monitoring setup wizard but it fails on all steps. Here is the log:

MCW.exe execution started...
Finish text:
- Display performance reports in Server Management.
- Configure your server to send daily performance reports at 6:00 am.
- Configure your server to send bi-weekly usage reports at 6:30 am on every other Monday.
- Reports will be e-mailed to the following recipient(s):
- Display usage reports in Server Management.
- Enable logging for your applications.
- Assign the following users permissions to view the usage report on the intranet:
      Domain Admins
- Configure your server to e-mail immediate notification of performance alerts to the following recipient(s):
- Send welcome e-mail to recipients specified for each report.
Inside CConfigWizardCommit::Commit
Starting Datastore configuration, now is Date: 2009-07-01 Time: 13:28:01
Inside SetTaskSchedulerService
Exit SetTaskSchedulerService
Inside DeleteOldTasks
GetConfigurations returned. *** ERROR: hr = 0x80004005, Unspecified error
Exit DeleteOldTasks
Inside SetupDatabase
CreateDB returned. *** ERROR: hr = 0x80040e14
Exit SetupDatabase
SetupDatabase returned. *** ERROR: hr = 0x80040e14
***** Configuring Data Store Failed *****
Progress page finished


At the moment I can't reinstall because I'm not on site and the setup wizard for SBS won't run unless I'm on the built-in admin account - remote desktop isn't good enough it seems.

Any ideas?

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you have a problem with your Sharepoint SQL database, are you using sharepoint at all?  Check the services to see if the database can start up.  IF you are not using sharepoint at this moment and you cannot startup the database sql service, reinstalling sharepoint would be your best option


Both the sharepoint service and the Monitoring service are running, but how do I see if  the database is running? Currently I have a tray icon saying MSSQL Server is running...and the SQL Server 2005 console shows the same, but neither mentions specific databases.

SQLAgent$SBSMONITORING is started but SQLAgent$SHAREPOINT won't start (starts and stops)

this is your sharepoint database: MSSQL$SHAREPOINT

If yo uaren't using sharepoint as off know i suggest you completly remove and reinstall it use these url's as pointers:

Let me know if you need further assistance.

btw before i forget can you make sure you can connect to the TCP port of the sharepoint database, just to see that it's not a firewall issue


Sharepoint appears to be on port 80.
Telnet to server port 80 gives:
HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request
Content-Type: text/html
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 14:37:53 GMT
Connection: close
Content-Length: 35

<h1>Bad Request (Invalid Verb)</h1>

Connection to host lost.

HTTP to tat port gives:
 The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for might have been removed or had its name changed.


Please try the following:

Open the s: home page, and then look for links to the information you want.

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.

If you still cannot open the page, click the Internet Explorer
Search button to look for similar sites.

Internet Explorer  

i ment the sharepoint SQL port not the web service.  Sorry if i wasn't clear about this.


It seems the port should be 1433 then?
If so, then it fails to connect...
SQLAgent$SHAREPOINT is not running now

I tried reinstalling the Monitoring component and it now at least tries to run, but it gives an error Access Denied trying to open assembly 'usage'

could you reinstall the sharepoint modules with the links i gave you ?


Yes, done that - the firstt link as I don't have sharepoint 3 which is what the second ink seems to be about..
I now have "Cannot connect to the config database"



The link is for SQL2000 and my system appears  to be using SQL2005 - the update in the link can't be installed.

sry didnt know you were using 2005:



Many thanks

In this link, I ahve checked 1, 2 and 4.
For step 3, I found somne difficulty because I don't have the "Enterprise Manager" referred to. I have SQL Server Configuration Manager but it doesn't have the interface described so I can't perform step 3.

Enterprise manager is not delivered with the MSDE versions.  IS their another way you can find this info in the configuration manager you have ?

Also a few other things to note:
- do you have a  SQL Server Embedded Edition service (if so make sure it's started)
- Check in IIS if application pool used for sharepoint central admin is running
- If you dont have the SQL Server 2005 Express management studio, download it and check if you have the configuraiton database in the sharepoint.
- Did you perhaps change the NETBIOS ( Domain name of the server? This might also be the reason.)
- make sure their's no local firewall software / antivirus blocking things (disable the services to test it!)
- check file permissions on the config DB database file and try setting it temp to everyone full control to see if this changes anything) -> there has been a patch in the past which changed ntfs permissions to admins only.

PS. when you reinstalled sharepoint, did you first delete the sharepoint MSDE instances ?


1. I haven't found a way to find the information. Sharepoint Central Site Administration shows me quite a lot of information - what do we need to know?

2. I don't know if I have "Embedded Edition" service. Certainly there's nothing of that name in the Services application. All my SQL seervices are started except SQLAgent$sharepoint, which starts and stops if I try to start it.

3. Sharepoint central admn (and therefore its app pool) is running. Whether sharepoint (and Monitoring) is using a running app pool is another question.

4. I am downloading the Express management studio now

5. The netBIOS name of the server has not changed

6. All firewall software (Windows) is OFF. There is no other firewall software installed.

7. I tried giving Everyone Full Control on the config database file but to no avail. TST_Servername is inaccessible too. I don't know what file this is in (it's servername\Sharepoint I suppose but what's the physical file?

8. I deleted the MSDE instances when I upgraded to SQL Server 2005 if I recall correctly

There's seems to be some issues with that sql installation i think, i would remove the databases completely, then remove sharepoint, then remove monitoring and reinstall everything.  After reinstalling make sure the service information is gone after a reboot!  If not delete it manually from registry and reboot again.  After you deleted everything backup and delete any left over files from the installation.  So you are 100% sure you can start clean.

When reinstalling test everything in detail step by step.  

I'm sorry i don't have an out of the box solution for you but this doesn't seem to be a 'standard problem'.


Express Management downloaded.

So part three of that article:

First section
Application Name in point 5 is root
Application pool identity pane says Network Service is the user

Second section
Network service does not appear in the list of logins in step 6. Nor can it be added as a login as it says it's an invalid name

which ones do show in the list of logins ?


"i would remove the databases completely, then remove sharepoint, then remove monitoring and reinstall everything.  After reinstalling make sure the service information is gone after a reboot!  If not delete it manually from registry and reboot again.  After you deleted everything backup and delete any left over files from the installation.  So you are 100% sure you can start clean."

Well, yesterday (or Saturday?) I removed the sharepoint and reinstalled, following this article:

which removes the registry keys, the services etc.
Is there something I need to do in addition?


The following logins are shown:



Uninstalled Intranet and Monitoring, removed the sts app pool, removed the sharepoint and monitoring web sites, deleted all associated directories and registry keys, rebooted and reinstalled sharepoint 2 (but not SQL Server 2005).

Companyweb - Cannot connect to the configuration database.

RWW - repeated prompt for credentials and when Cancelled
 "Access to the path "c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\remote\3f1585d2\3070828a" is denied."

Monitoring (on the server itself in Server Management) - "Server Application Unavailable
The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable.  Please hit the "Refresh" button in your web browser to retry your request."

seeing those errors i"m fairly sure you have permission problems:

could you open up a cmd line go to c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v1.1.4322\ and run the following command: aspnet_regiis -i


OK done.
Installed the framework apparently.

Companyweb - from he server itself, as administrator I get the 401.1 error (I can't get the KB961143 fix to install so I kind of expected that)

Trying from a client over a vpn (servername/companyweb) gives a 404 error

RWW remotely gives repeated credential requests then, when I cancel, the
"Access to the path "c:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\remote\3f1585d2\3070828a" is denied."

OWA works

Monitoring gives the Server Application Unavailable  error still

One thing I came across was a suggestion that two frameworks couldn't be asigned to the same site, but instructions for making sure only one was, and that it was the correct one, weren't clear. Is that a possibility - that this is using the wrong framework?
How do I know, for example, that the v1.1.4322 framework is the one associated with the application pool that RWW is using?
And similarly that the monitoring and companyweb sites are using the same framework their application pools are associated with?
Or is that a red herring?

that could be a problem also yes i once had a similar problem on an SBS 2003 R1.

Go to ytour IIS manager, go to websites rightclick the Virtual Dir or object you want to change on the Tab ASP.NET you can change the .NET fw version.


Is there a way to tell what version each virtual server SHOULD be using? To make sure it's using the same framework as the application pool it's in? (In other words, how can I find which framework a given application pool uses - assuming that an app pool can only use one framework version?)

i cannot answer that question tbh, i for once should cross check with a similar server setup


Well, it looks like there is no particular framework version associated with any given app pool under IIS6 (though you can force one under IIS7).
So the problem would be if you have two Virtual Servers using different versions and you put them both in one app pool.
I've created two new pools with names matching the framework versions I have installed, and have made sure my companyweb is in the pool with the right version name. It's the only app in the pool so it should do away with a potential problem from trying to mix framework versions in one app pool.
But it still isn't accessible from the server's own browser because of the 401.1 problem (that I can't resolve because KB961143 won't install).
And from my laptop across the VPN it gives a 404 error
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nice to hear, couldn't be that also a permission problem?  Have you figured otu why they have been reset?  Ie rootkit or something?
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