VPN Setup Netgear FVS114 and Watchguard X1250e


I am having problems trying to get my netgear FVS114 create a vpn tunnel to a WatchGuard X1250e Firewal.

I have set up numerous vpn connections using draytek vigor, zyxel routers etc to my Wathcguard firewall with no problems yet this Netgear FVS114 is a pain! I have known a FVS114 to work with Watchguard so it has to be something I am doing yet I cannot figure out what - any help would really be appreciated - if someone has any howto guides etc on how to set up these two firewalls to work together.....

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sagarhAuthor Commented:
Hi - some further info - this is what I see on Netgear routers VPN log...

[2000-01-01 00:02:39][==== IKE PHASE 1(from START (responder) ====]
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** RECEIVED  FIRST MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]<POLICY: sagar> PAYLOADS: SA,PROP,TRANS,VID,VID
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]<POLICY: sagar> PAYLOADS: SA,PROP,TRANS
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** SENT OUT SECOND MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** RECEIVED  THIRD MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]<POLICY: sagar> PAYLOADS: KE,NONCE
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** SENT OUT FOURTH MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** RECEIVED  FIFTH MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]<POLICY: sagar> PAYLOADS: ID,HASH
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]<ID PAYLOAD> Type = ID_IPV4_ADDR,ID Data=
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** SENT OUT SIXTH MESSAGE OF MAIN MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39]**** MAIN MODE COMPLETED ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:39][==== IKE PHASE 1 ESTABLISHED====]
[2000-01-01 00:02:40][==== IKE PHASE 2(to START (initiator) ====]
[2000-01-01 00:02:40]**** SENT OUT  FIRST MESSAGE OF QUICK MODE ****
[2000-01-01 00:02:40]<Initiator IPADDR=,PORT=0>
[2000-01-01 00:02:40]<Responder IPADDR=,PORT=0>
The logs indicate that phase II is not going through; please make sure that the settings are identical and the remote/local network settings are correct.
Also, things like DPD or PFS is set should match both ends.

Please check and revert.

Thank you.

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