Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0409'

What am I missing in the .asp code?   I keep getting this error:

Microsoft VBScript compilation error '800a0409'

Unterminated string constant

/indigo_privatedining.asp, line 31

Mailer.AddRecipient "TEST",",

 but cannot see what I am missing
Response.Buffer = true
Dim body 
body = "" 
body = body & "Today's Date:   " & Request.Form("Date") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "First Name:     " & Request.Form("FirstName") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Last Name:      " & Request.Form("LastName") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Callback No:    " & Request.Form("Phone") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Email:          " & Request.Form("EmailFrom") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Fax No.:        " & Request.Form("Fax") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Date of Event:  " & Request.Form("EventDate") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Time of Event:  " & Request.Form("EventTime") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Estimated No. People: " & Request.Form("EstimatedNumberPeople") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Type of Event:  " & Request.Form("EventType") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
body = body & "Yes, Send me Info:  " & Request.Form("Yes_I_want_info") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Visited Indigo Before?:   " & Request.Form("VisitIndigoBefore") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "How Learned about Indigo: " & Request.Form("How_Did_You_Learn_About_Indigo") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Other:          " & Request.Form("Other") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf 
body = body & "Comments:       " & Request.Form("Comments") &vbcrlf &vbcrlf
'Response.write body
Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("SMTPsvg.Mailer")
Mailer.FromName= Request("")
Mailer.ReplyTo= Request("EmailFrom") 
Mailer.FromAddress= Request("EmailFrom")
Mailer.CC= Request("EmailFrom")
Mailer.RemoteHost = "mail-fwd"
'mailer.qmessage = true
Mailer.AddRecipient "TEST",",
Mailer.AddBCC "Web Marketing Analyst",""
Mailer.Subject    = "Indigo Landing Private Dining Inquiry"
Mailer.BodyText   = body
if Mailer.SendMail then
  Response.Write "Mail send failure. Error was " & Mailer.Response
end if

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jpg526Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Line 31
Mailer.AddRecipient "TEST",",  -- only 1 double quote at the beginning of this string

Line 32
Mailer.AddBCC "Web Marketing Analyst",""  -- there're double quote at the beginning and the end of this string
you may try add a " symbol at the end of "

Mailer.AddRecipient "TEST",""
RickardP_GSIAuthor Commented:
That actually worked.  Out of curiosityi - because I have never had this problem before - what does the symbol do?
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the double quotation mark should be in pair
RickardP_GSIAuthor Commented:
I just don't see where the quotation marks are wrong.  Maybe I went on vacation for too long - ha
RickardP_GSIAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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