Have custom function in a EJB


I've a integer field in the database, that represent a status. I want to display a text instead of this textField. So I've added a function called

public getTextStatus(){

But when I do this, I've this error:
Caused by: javax.el.PropertyNotFoundException: The class 'datamodel.Deal' does not have the property 'TextStatus'.

After this I've tried to add a fake EJB field and I've now this error.
Internal Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'TEXTSTATUS' in 'field list'

I understand theses errors but I don't know how to bypass them.

Why generating this in the EJB? Because I need to display it in a table, (rich:datatable), and I was thinking it was the easier way.

Have you an idea?

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Did you add this function to your interface class?
NargzulAuthor Commented:
Not really, because the EJB itself doesn't have an interface.

I've added this function to the entity, and after I use a session bean to access it(and this session bean has interfaces)
If you want to add a getter to you EJB class that should not be persisted to the database you should add the @Transient annotation.

public String getTextStatus() {

In you JSF page, did you use TextStatus or textStatus? The first letter of the property should be lower case in your JSF pages, and the error displays a capital T.

Can you post some code?

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NargzulAuthor Commented:
When I add the @Transient before my getter, I got one error from netbeans, saying me the "There is no ID defined for this entity hierarchy"

I don't really know what changed, but now, without properties, only with a getter, it works.

It's maybe the Maj problem as you said. Thanks you for your help.
Was your property private or public?

If you have a public property, i think it will also be available and persisted.
NargzulAuthor Commented:
I wasn't having a property, only getters and setters,

In fact the getter only take a String in an array, depending of the value of a persistent field.
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