Exchange 2007 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server


I am migrating all exchange 2000 servers to 2007.

I already did it for all users , except blackberry users.

I don´t know anything about BES.

What Do I have to do in BES server or Exchange 2007 to migrate blackberry users to exchange 2007 ?

Best regards

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decioracyAuthor Commented:

Does this allow the exchange 2000 and 2007 systems to co-exist? Or, do I have to have all the BB users migrated over to exchange 2007 Before doing this?
This explains how to migrate your BES for the new exchange server so that should do for all users. You cannot connect a BES to two different servers, the way of working is slightly different on 2007
So yes normally you should migrate first all your bb users to the 2007
decioracyAuthor Commented:
The last one ;)

Is there any issue of having to delete the user's BES account before it would start working on the new Exchange server or BES update the information automatically  ?
Yes and no
If you delete the account, when you recreate it, contacts, emails, calendars will sync automatically so you won't lose anything normally but if some of your users have configured specific options on their unit (like sound profiles) they will lose those unless you backup the device. Now in my opinion this is not so much important (depending on the number of users).
One last thing is on your bes you probably have set up a security policy so it is better to migrate in order to avoid having to go though it again.
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