Load a PDF file in an TImage without generating a file


I'm receiving a file from a socket (using Indy) and I need to display that file on screen. I tried the Abobe ActiveX Control but I have to first save the file to disk and then load the PDF from that file.

I want to load the file on screen without generating the file. Any idea how I can do that?

(I'm using Delphi 7...)

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BdLmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if it is working, no need to change from one stream class to another,
my idea is to add a further function to the pdf object like

PDF2 = class (Tpdf)
               function loadFromStream  :  TStream

function PDF2.loadfromStream : tStream
          put your code here ...

to display a pdf file a timage component is not the wright apporach,  which ado pdf active x did you try ?
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pmaltaisAuthor Commented:
I'm using Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Control Type Library 1.0 wich I think is bundled with Acrobat Reader. Not sure.

Just to make sure I was clear enough in my initial question, I want to use the stream directly with the ActiveX and never have to save the file first.

Yes, I understood,

did you try the Active X for viewing ?  http://delphi.about.com/cs/howto/ht/htpdf.htm
in a second step , did you get a StringStream from your Indy socket ? lets have a look later on the loadfile function, override it or replace it ....

pmaltaisAuthor Commented:

I already tried the ActiveX as mentionned in the link you provided and it work very well.

Right now I'm using a ReadStream and I assign the received buffer to a TMemoryStream. What your saying is that I should assign it to a TStringStream instead right?

By the way, this is my first experience with Delphi and Indy so it may explain why I dont get it all right  away... some code example would be apreciated.

Ok thanks
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