Use running total as column field for Cross-tab

I want to create a cross-tab where each column has the same record number of each group.
Meaning that the first record in every group will be in the same column, and so the second and the thrid records of every group will be in the same column respectively.

So what i mean is a running total that resets upon change of group.
i have created a running total (both with crystal and a manual running total) and tried it but its not available for the cross-tab.

Maybe i'm using the wrong approach, but all other fields i have to use as column are number fields or date fields. these wont work. the numbers dont have any particular order they are just a value for that record. as for The date, it will force to put them in groups of date (monthly, daily, every second) but wont help to get records in the same column.

How can i work around this?

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think the problem is when cross tabs are built.  They get built before the report is run and running totals are calculated.

This idea might work

Have you tried doing that using the running total field as the column header?

carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
that is exactly what i want and what i tried but doesnt work.
i could create a command query and add such numbers to the records but i'm sure there must be a way to do it in the report
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carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
looks promising.
i will try it early next week (going away for 4th of july!)
i'll let you know if it works
carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
i got it to work from the article you sent me. Thanks.
the only other thing i wanted is to better understand how this works.
i understand how the field values are passed to the subreport but i dont understand how the cross-tab reads those split values as a field./column coming from the DB.
Can you explain a little?
It really doesn't read them as coming from the database.

Each record from the database is read and the formulas are executed for each record.  The formulas pull the correct value from the arrays.

carlosmonteAuthor Commented:
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