Strange Error: from Create automatically jump to ShowForm

I have to re-debug a once running application.
The Error is npw /recently like this:
from the from.Create function (Line #1) to execution immeadiatly jumps to FormShow,
then calling/executing line //2 and then not executing MYForm.Show; because the form is already
visible after Form.Create.
Any ggod idea what might be the reaon ?

Form Properties:

onCreate -> CreateFunction
onShow ->FormShow Function

MyForm := MyForm.Create(Application)
MYForm.firstProperty  := bla; 
MYForm.xxxProperty  := bla bla; 

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Look at the forms Visible property in the object inspector, it is probably set to True.
BdLmAuthor Commented:
It is a MDI Form, can't set visible to False :-(
What are the properties you need to set before the form is shown?
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Does the form MyForm has the property formStyle = MdiChild?
If yes, maybe this is the cause, because MDIChild forms become visible when they are created.


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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
check the OldCreateOrder property of the form
set it to false

override the constructor of the mdi child to set properties

    constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;

constructor TChildForm.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
  inherited Create(AOwner);
  // set properties here

  // visible becomes true before end (it calls formcreate first, then sets visible to true)
Eddie ShipmanAll-around developerCommented:
Have you deleted all the DCU's and done a rebuild? Sounds like you may have an old DCU hanging out there in the path somewhere.
BdLmAuthor Commented:
may be I changed this Form from fsnormal to midchild without any further test ...., now changed the code , solution found
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