Netware 6.5 Migration

Hello, We have netware 6.5 server and Active directory in place. we use netvision to sync Ad and NDS.
We want to migrate Netware 6.5 file sharing to Active Directory. How can I Export all the user rights and groups
information to file and study all the rights assing to Netware Directory structure?
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ZENandEmailguyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Quest NDS migrator utility will do all of the user/group file and rights from NetWare/eDirectory over to Windows/AD.  I'm not a proponent of migration to Windoze but if you must, this is a pretty good utility.  There is a charge per user to do the work.
VIJAY2766Author Commented:
Netware 6.5 Migration to Active Directory
I don't think you can automagically transfer rights assignments from NetWare to WIndows.  However, you could use TRUSTEE.NLM to document the rights on a volume, then manually re-create them.  I had trouble finding a download link for TRUSTEE.NLM on the Novell web site, but I did find it here:

Hope this helps

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