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Attempting to use Remote Viewer from Laptop.

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Last Modified: 2013-11-30
Hi.  Im at work and there is no wireless internet.  I have to unplug the desktop (work computer) to plug in my laptop, so I can do my homework.  Im in security so we must always watch the CCTVs; we do it from a remote viewer on the desktop, but when I disconnect the internet I loose the ability to view.  I thought maybe I could watch it from my laptop, so I placed the remote viewer address into my address bar and preceded to put in my username and password.  After I clicked login I received a message that read : Please check the ERviewer.ocx installation is correct.  Current Version 1.6.0
I do not have any software for this program, because its on the work computer; I just wanted to be able to view the security cameras and do my homework at the same time.  Can you inofrm me if there is some software I should download and the name of it or if Im just out of luck with doing my school work.  Thanks for all your help!
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You could try to copy the ERviewer.ocx file from the work computer to yours.

You might find it in "c:\ windows\system32" or in "c:\program files".

Do you know what type of camera it is? make


The screen reads EverFocus DVR; sorry Im not a computer person, does that help?
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You either need to define the site as trusted (if it's a DVR you should be OK), or go to the security settings for the internet zone, scroll down to "Download unsigned ActiveX controls" and change it from Disable to Prompt.

Then it will prompt you to install the ActiveX rather than block it.

I would suggest the 2nd method. Trusting a site unnecessarily even though it's not likely to be an attack vector is not the best idea.

Trusted sites is within Internet Explorer under Internet Options


Im using Windows Vista.  I'll give that a try.  Thank you for all your help; Ill let you know how things go.  :)  


Ok, I have no idea what Im doing.  The ActveX was blocked, so I told it to download, like in the picture above, but when I did that it said Window blocked could not verify Publisher     MP4DVR.cab
Im sure you probably already explained this, but I couldnt find where I could enable this add on.  I went into manage add ons, but I couldnt find this one listed.  I know Im doing something wrong, it shouldnt be this difficult, should it?  Im sorry for taking up so much of your time, but I truly appreciate it your help.  Thanks!  

You need to add the URL into this area


There is no website for me to add on there.  I added the address for MY login screen for everfocus, but when I try to download the ActiveX info it wont do it and theres NO website anywhere.  :(

your close.  keep trying.
you have to add it as trusted site.  Also lower the secirty options for trusted sites to LOW.


Thank you for your help, but I give up and I need to cancel my membership before I forget and get charged for this.  Thank you again for all your help though.

It worked for me.  I set all 3 Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls to Promt and added the site to the Trust List.  Now instead of Blocking the software, it was giving me the option of installing it.  Thank you for all your help!!!

i have the same problem & that didnt work

is there any solution???
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