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Dell GX260 Case - Motherboard Upgrade

volumeIII asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have an old GX260 computer with Linux installed - it's sluggish and doesn't run very well.  It's probably more than 7 years old, that may have something to do with it. :)  Anyway, the case, Power supply, CD drive, etc, are still in good working condition so I would rather not purchase a whole computer.  I would like to know if it's possible to purchase a new motherboard/processor/memory and put it in this GX260 case.  Is this possible, or does dell make proprietary motherboard form factors?  I am not sure if this is an ATX...  Any help is greatly appreciated - please let me know what I can do!


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I am really just interested in form factor information...  What kind of motherboard should I purchase?  Will an ATX motherboard fit in this case?  Is the dell power supply going to work with that motherboard?


Kenza CohenIT Solutions Provider

Looking at your case and having a look at mother boards its very doubtful you will get one to fit in there in all honesty, as its not the biggest of things, your best bet although it regrets me to say it is call Dell and see if they have any replacement higher-specced motherboards compatible
The ATX form factor 12 in × 9.6 in (305 mm × 244 mm).   If your existing board measures roughly that, then you are using an ATX form factor.  Dell would be silly to try to use something that isnt standard, since they buy in bulk for all their components (im not saying it doesnt happen of course).  
Make sure when your looking at MB/CPU's that you take into account clearance for the CPU cooler.  Most CPU coolers, no adays, resemble very small automobiles.
Oops missed the PSU question.  Voltage requirements for most new PC's will require you to update the PSU.  There is a seperate 4pin power lead, not found on older PSU's, although required on newer boards.  Hope this helps.

Kenzacm is correct, any standard ATX (mid,mini, etc.) you can get in market will not fit in GX-260 case. Consider the cost if you have to buy from Dell, sometime new system is better than looking for replacement.
If an aftermarkey MB wont dimensionally fit inside the case.  Then consider buying a case/psu combo.  Quite often you can pick up a cheap case which will include a psu.
Try here for several case/psu combo's.
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