VBS script to modify displayname from an excel sheet

Posted on 2009-07-02
Last Modified: 2013-12-24
I need to modify every displayname in my domain. The display name will be a mixture of the existing display name, Firstname, Lastname and Initial. I did a CSVDE export into an excel document and then used the existing fields to create the new display name . Now I need to modify all the user objects and update the new display name. I found this vbs code but I'n not sure where to put the correct user fields.
Set oNetwork = CreateObject("")

Domain = oNetwork.UserDomain

xlsname = "path to my spreadsheet.xls"

Set oExcelApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

Set oWorkbook = oExcelApp.Workbooks.Open(xlsname)

Set oWorksheet = oWorkbook.Worksheets(1)


oExcelApp.Visible = False

iCounter = 2

bEmpty = False

Do Until bEmpty = True    

   strCell = oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 1)

   If strCell = "" Then

        bEmpty = True


    	EditUser oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 1), oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 2), oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 3)

	iCounter = iCounter + 1

   End If





Sub EditUser(SAMAccountName, Manager, Department)

	UserADSPath = GetObjectDN(SAMAccountName, Domain)

         If UserADSPath <> "?" Then

	       Set oUser = GetObject(UserADSPath)

	       oUser.Manager = Manager

	       oUser.Department = Department



                WScript.Echo("User " & SAMAccountName & " not found")

         End If

End Sub


Function GetObjectDN(strObject, strDomain)

	On Error Resume Next : Err.Clear

	Set objNameTranslate = CreateObject("NameTranslate")

	objNameTranslate.Init 3, ""

	objNameTranslate.Set 3, strdomain & "\" & strObject

	strObjectDN = objNameTranslate.Get(1)

	If Err.Number <> 0 Then

		strObjectDN = "?"

	End If

	Set objNameTranslate = Nothing

	On Error Goto 0

	GetObjectDN = strObjectDN

End Function

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Question by:leche671
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Expert Comment

ID: 24761538
Hi. Leche671
Actually i didn't understand what do u need completely, but as i understand u can use "EditUser" sub to edit the fields(on 23. line of the code)

Author Comment

ID: 24769328
Sorry for such a late response I just got back into to work. My question is where in the script do I reference the proper fields. I don't see where the script looks up the fileds in the excel document. I want to make sure when the script runs it doesn't put the "department" field in the "telephone" field. I really don't know scripting

Accepted Solution

nailgg earned 500 total points
ID: 24769552
Do Until bEmpty = True    
   strCell = oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 1)
   If strCell = "" Then
        bEmpty = True
        EditUser oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 1), oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 2), oWorksheet.Cells(iCounter, 3)
        iCounter = iCounter + 1
   End If
do u understand this code? it edits the fields until it founds an empty field. on the 16. line of code it calls the edituser sub.

this is the answer, or i still don't understand your question.

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