Unable to fit AGP card

I have removed with some difficulty an old 64MB AGP card. I am unable to fit the new X1650 card and am also unable to refit the old card. Upon removing the old card the case seems to have sprung out of shape and both the sound card and modem have popped up and become unseated. The case is 5 years old and very flimsy and has been moved around a lot. The hole for the AGP securing screw is a good 5mm to the left of where it is supposed to be plus there is a gap to the rear of the bracket. I have tried squashing the case back into shape but have so far been unable. If anyone can help it would be appreciated as friend is not happy!
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Hi mate
You could either get a cheap £15 case and swap it all over, but involves spending more money.
Or you can try when the card is seated correctly use your thumb to push the bracket to the hole if it is only 5mm that should be acceptable and then screw it down.  
Have you checked that it is all seated correctly and nothing is blocking the cards or socket?
I find with graphics cards they sometimes need a LITTLE force to get them to go in fully, on my HD4850 PCI-E card I even had to unscrew one of the nuts on the DVI as it was stopping me getting it into the case properly, then rescrew it in place after it was fitted.
FirthAuthor Commented:
I think a new case might be best. Maplin have decent ones for £35. The 5mm is 5mm beyond the distance I can make by using reasonable force to re-allign the rear slot surround once the card is fitted. Therefore I am a full screw's width away from being able to fit the screw. Unfortunately the case distortion was not apparant unitl the old card was removed. It's amazing the old card didn't break. I can also see that the modem and sound card are bending and the sound does not work. Thanks for your suggestions so far. Firth.
No problem.  I think a new case would be best, one of my old ones went out of shape but i managed to squeeze the 2 opposite corners to pop it back into shape, and then when the side was on it was all fine again but like yours that case was OLD!!
Have you every used
they have some half decent cheap cases on there but like anything you pay what you get, depends what your mate wants to do really

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FirthAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the aria recommendation. They look cheaper than Misco and much cheaper than Maplin.
As much as anything the purpose of my question was to ellicit a reply that agrees that case distortion to this degree is even possible as my friend cannot believe it! Also, I didn't actually mention that I did manage to fit an X1650 by squishing the case and it worked fine for 3 hours until friend took it home whereupon the DVI port failed although the VGA port still worked. I am not prepared to try to force in a second card and have suggested a rebuild as the only sensible solution. So many thanks for your solution and confirmation. I am please to give you the points. Cheers Firth
FirthAuthor Commented:
Yes, a new case is required to replace a badly distorted flimsy case.
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