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External Server Storage Solution (VMWare/Xen Compatible)

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Last Modified: 2013-11-14

I recently purchased an IBM eServer X series 336 (1U). There's only room for 2 internal SCSI disks, which isn't ideal for hosting a large number virtual machines

I'm looking to add 'budget' speedy external storage to the server costing no more than ¬500 (with it's own power, not including disks), but I'm not 100% in how to go about this. I also want it to be able to support RAID 5, and/or RAID 10 if at all possible. I also want it to be relatively small - 3-to-5 disks at most, and not too many noisy fans.

I'm guessing that the best solution would be one of the following:

1) External SCSI Storage device connected to PCI-X SCSI controller on server that supports 5 SCSI devices
2) External SAS/SATA II Storage controller connected to PCI-X SAS/SATA II controller on server
that supports 5 SCSI devices.

Has anyone implemented a similar home office solution, or have any viable budget alternatives? (Links to suitable hardware would be much appreciated)
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Heh! That would be the kind of solution I'm looking for but not at that price - ¬500/$650 would be my upper limit!

I'm not just looking for a link to an external storage device - I'd like to get a short explanation from EE members that have implemented such a solution, and what external box did they use, what cables were needed, and what SCSI/RAID/SAS card they used, will the solution support virtualisation, etc?

And ballpark prices would help too!!


The Euro symbol is coming up as "¬" so apologies for any pricing confusion...
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I'm looking more for a direct attached solution as iSCSI is too expensive, but the second solution is pretty close to what I'm looking for! Have you ever implemented an external SAS enclosure?
Yes several what are you exactly trying to do?

here more link http://www.pc-pitstop.com/sas_cables_enclosures/



As my server doesn't have enough room for internal storage, I want to add a directly attached external storage unit that will give me the best budget, performance solution possible as I'll be hosting a number of virtual machines on the disks (Exchange, DC x 2, File server, Wiki server, Centos server).


The server will more than likely be running Citrix Xen (or if I have driver issues, VMWare ESXi).
I do not see a problem with second option I posted; as long as you have enought ram and processing power.
We have several clients that have gone this way to protect data.



Thanks for your help ComputerTechie
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