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Migrating Arabic Data from MySQL to Sql Server Express edition

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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I have designed a database over mysql which contains Arabic characters using UTF8. However, I decided to migrate my data from mysql to SQL Server Express edition. I have downloaded DTSWizard  to do the migration but I am facing several problem:

1- Data Type differences between the 2 Dbs (look at the attached file)
2- one of my tables "Customer" table has Arabic characters and when I display it, it get displayed ???

Now, I cannot extract the customer data and insert it into SQL like that.

What are my options in term of migrating the data successfuly and making sure that the customer names in the destination DB is not ????

Thank you

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why don't you use any migration tool?

have a look at this one




but what kinda I do about the Arabic characters that are not displayed correctly
you have to set arabic collation for your database


which database we are talking about? mysql or SQL Server

I am afraid by pulling the data from mysql and inserting it as is into the SQL Server I will end up with ???? for customer names
you have to set collation in SQL Server database


Hi RiteshShah,

I migrated some of the data to SQL Server using your first suggestion, but again the content is displayed in ????????

even though the collation is Arabic_CI_AI

by the way, I am going to use this table with A desktop app using C# so I won't view it over the internet.

I would appreciate any suggestions
because your database might be Arabic what about table collation or column collation, you have to change those also.


Dear RiteshShah,
I have changed the collation on the columns to Arabic_100_CI_AI but still the data is displayed in a weird way
well in that case I am bit stumped


could it be the encoding that i am using in SQL Server is not correct?
not like that, the only thing is, you are not selecting proper collation, you have to use the collation in sql server whose character was used in your MySQL


The collation character I used in mySQL is utf8_general_ci, so what that can be in sql server?



I am still waiting for a solution guys....I need your help
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