Citrix Spooler Error

We have a Citrix printer problem where a user is using an app, and printing to a PDF Creator named Primo PDF, during the day all she sees are her local printers including Primo PDF and she works fine, she does a report at about 11AM and everything is fine. Between 13:30 and 14:00 everyday, she seems to loose all her local printers. We then restart the print service, which inturn restarts the citrix print service (dependancy). Now she see's all the networked printers including Primo PDF used in a session (presumably her session). She can print directly to this printer sucessfully but I dont want her to see any of the neworked printers.

I recive the folowing event Errors:

Printer Management


Printer Management

Does anybody have any idea why the citrix application might loose its local printers, and why it might happen at a certain time? The server reboots itself every morning at 03:30Am.

I have thought about setting up a schedule to erase all the files in the spooler folder, and reset both the windows and citrix services, but i think that would not only mask the issue but also once the services reboot the user see's all the networked printers and not her own local ones

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I don't think so, you define the printing rights in the printer's properties.
right-click on the printer, properties, security tab
your problem looks like the one we had one year ago, crash of spooler, printers not available or several times in the list...
printing in citrix environment is very special
you have to take care to have only printers and drivers fully compliant to citrix metaframe
and most important, the use of local printers, often leads to instability of the server.
it is highly recommended to install all the printers on the citrix server and to disable use of local printers
anyway, that's what we did, and we have no problem since
hope this helps
WeanAuthor Commented:
Hi mnialon,

Thanks for your help,

My problem is that the PDF's the user is producing are rather confidential, if she were by mistake to select the incorrect network printer and these pages printed out in department x (Murphys law the CEO's printer) there would be hell to pay. so If she is only presented with her local printers this alleviates that risk.
in this maybe case you can use global policy to forbid the use of other printers (by error) than the local ones
WeanAuthor Commented:
can this be done for a certain application only?
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