Anyone with experience running a citrix app from within a remote desktop session on a terminal server?

Just wondering if anyone else has a setup that involves users running an external citrix web application from their remote desktop?
Our setup is basically that we have an external branch that features all thin clients (Wyse S10) which run (via an MPLS line) off our terminal server at the central location. So having logged onto the Remote Desktop session, the users are then using a combination of programs (general Office etc) from the terminal server as well as an externally hosted Citrix application.
Performance isn't great for the citrix application but is fine for applications hosted on the terminal server.
So does anyone know if the chain of Client -> Terminal Server -> External Citrix App could be causing any issues?
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I see no reason for any problems with this. The RPD causes you to see the application as if you had it installed on the server, and you're simply using it as if the server had a keyboard/mouse/monitor connected to the server.

I don't believe citrix uses any directx - this would be your main concern.

What problems are you having? Because they're more likely to be either permission related or citrix configuration related.

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GrBartleyAuthor Commented:
Hi marcus,
The main problems are in the speed of the application (which is effectively a multilayered database). Switching between screens within the application takes longer to load the information than accessing the same application from say a laptop in the external office too (even allowing for the poor graphical performance of the thin clients which means you can see the information loading pretty much line by line).
Sorry if this is a bit vague, but the users are struggling to quantify this further than 'it's a lot more useable when not using a thin client'! The system does appear to be slower generally though, having timed some reports etc. there can be upwards of two minutes difference for the worst ones.
I would imagine this would be down the performance of your network, especially since citrix doesn't use completely native windows menus. Are you running 100mb ethernet or gigabit networking? Try just opening one session over the entire network (by shutting down all but 1 client) and see if the performance is greatly increased.

If it isn't let me know
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That configuration should not be a problem in itself.

I suspect the bottleneck is pulling the data over your WAN circuit and not specifically the Citrix application within the RDP session itself.  If a local user at the external site can get good performance, but a remote user cannot, then I think the WAN link might be the chokepoint.

Whether something can be done I am not sure.  It depends on how this multilayered database works for teh client.  For example, does the client pull data down from the central database server, is the screens the client sees graphic intensive (may be able to help with speedscreen), have you looked at bandwidth usage of your MPLS circuit and how much of each type of traffic it is carrying?

Carl WebsterCommented:
I have lots of customers that use TS that have links to vendor's remote TS and also remote Citrix servers.  I also have customers that publish their Citrix server's desktops with links to vendor's remote TS and remote Citrix servers.  The performance has to do a lot with the remote server and the remote server's WAN bandwidth.
Robin CMSenior Security and Infrastructure EngineerCommented:
Is the poorly-perfoming app a proper windows application or is it Java (or maybe Flash)?
Due to how citrix works it is able to very efficiently send true windows apps from server to client (or even server to server to client), but I have had issues with java apps.
GrBartleyAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the responses, it seems this could be an issue from the remotely hosted application but unfortunately I can't get too much info on this at the moment!
Thanks for your input though!
GrBartleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the responses, I was hoping someone might be able to come back say "yeah, I had an issue like that"... but I guess that it's a relatively unique issue. Unfortunately, I also can't provide too many details on the external hosting or application as it's proprietary software that I don't have direct dealing with!
You're patience is appreciated.

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