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OFFICE 2007 SP2 will not install on XP SP3 pc

MJNotesUser asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-11-05
Trying to install SP2 and I get this message almost immediately after the license agreement:  "The detection falied, this can be due to a corrupted installation database."   I have run a repair of office and attempted to uninstall office.  The uninstall gives an error, the repair and diagnoses ended with this:

"The Update Diagnostic was unable to run because it requires
a file that you have chosen not to download."

I made a change to the Trust Settings to allow that file to be downloaded. MS says to then wait A WEEK for the file to be downloaded.  I made this change but don't have a week to wait.   I have successfully run the download of this file on another pc, so I know that the download is good.  

There is an update from MS which says that it will correct the error that you get when trying to install SP2 on a pc.  The fix will not install either.

I have also found a technote which states not to use Windows Installer to remove Office 2007.  It then outlines how to manually uninstall Office.  I've been down this road before - it is easier to setup a clean pc than go through this.  Here's the technote if you wish to reference it:


So at this point, I can neither uninstall Office 2007 nor update it.   I see that someone had this same issue on a Windows 2003 Terminal Server, but this is just an XP machine, in fact, it's two different XP machines at this point.   All help is appreciated!

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Make sure the office source engine service is running?


It was not, but I started it and tried the install again.  I agree to the license and then get, "The detection failed, this can be due to a corrupted installation database".
That service is key to running updates, try setting it to automatic start and rebooting, give it another shot?
ALso try rolling back to sp1, then installing sp2


Started service to auto, rebooted, same result.  How would I roll it back to SP1 if I'm still sitting at SP1?
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No, cannot, same error.  I've read where the installation database becomes corrupt, so I'm thinking that I just need to setup another pc for this person unless you have other ideas.  Just wish I knew what might corrupt this as it is now showing up on two laptops, same configuration.  Ghosted pc's....will install on others, so not everyone having this issue....


Thanks for your help - I actually already assigned points to this and closed it, so I"m not sure why I"m having to do this again, but I do appreciate your assistance.
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