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Looking for answers on  Two Way Trust Vulnerabilities

tej071 asked
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I'm trying to put together a point paper explaining the benefits and the vulnerabilities of establishing a two way trust between two domains.  I've got plenty of information on the benefits but honestly I can't find anything "negative" towards establishing one.  Can anyone explain some of the inherent vulnerabilities of establishing a trust?  Users from domain A cannot access resources from domain B unless the permissions allow the specific user, authenticated users or everyone to access that resource.  Administrators from domain A should not be able to do any administration in domain B.  
The next question, what are some of the things I should do security wise to "protect" my network more once I establish a two way trust?
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deroodeSystems Administrator

The name "Trust" says it all.

The admin of Domain B will have to trust the domain admins of domain A. In practice, permissions aren't assigned to specific users but to groups. If a domain admin A adds member "criminal" to a group which has full rights in "financial data" on domain B that is not visible.


Are you sure about the admins from one domain having rights on the other domain?  I ask this because an administrator in a child domain does not have rights to make changes to a parent domain and that is a transitive trust.  I understand users will have access to resources on the other domain but only if that is specifically set, they just dont' get access to resources just because a trust was established.
deroodeSystems Administrator

No, that was not wat i said.

If Domain admin B gives folder permissions to  a group from Domain A, he cannot see who is in the Domain A Group. The Domain admin from domain A however can put anyone from Domain A in that group.

Domain admin B cannot see that Domain admin A has added someone to the group, to him it's just the same group.


Correct, I misread your original statement and the same is true WITHIN Domain A when I assign users to a resource with full rights from Domain A to resources in Domain A I trust that they won't cause trouble there as well.  
I guess my question was more geared toward Administrators from one domain being able to influence things in another domain once the trust is established.  Without assigning them any special rights they have no more abilities to make changes in my domain than a user on my domain has rights (i.e. adding user accounts, changing FSMO roles, changing SMTP connectors, etc), correct?

Systems Administrator
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