PowerMac to Intel CarbonCopyCloner using Tiger

I'm cloning a Powermac to an Intel Mac.  From what I've read, it should be possible.  I've held "t" down and put the Intel into Slave mode.  The primary drive on the Intel will remain intact...for now.  I'm using the secondary drive to carboncopy the OS of the PowerMac to the secondary drive of the Intel.  Then, I was going to try to do a dual boot to see if it would boot up by holding the Alt/option key down at startup (from a previous post tip I posted recently).

However, I'm getting a message on the CarbonCopyCloner software...

It says:

The target Volume will not boot PowerPC Macs. PowerPC Macs can only boot from a hard drive that is partitioned with the Apple Partition Map Format.

...well, of course, I don't want the target volume to boot a powerpc mac because it will be an intel Mac.  But, I do want it to be able to boot this on the intel Mac.   I just want to get some input before I start this process.

Thanks for any input.

Btw, the intel is an Xserver.

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You have to use Disk Utility to repartition the target vollume as GUID instead of Apple Partition Map if you want it to be bootable from an Intel Mac.
rambleAuthor Commented:
I'm going to need more instruction.  I used Disk Utility, and choose the partiton...I found these options:

Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
Mac OS Extended
Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)
Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive)
MS-Dos File System
Unix File System
Free Space

I didn't see anything referring to GUID

Also, is it better to use the PowerMac and clone It's OS drive to the Xserve secondary drive...or, should I use the Xserve and clone from the PowerMacs OS drive to the Xserve secondary drive?

In otherwords, does it matter which one I press 't' on to bring up in slave mode.

Again, my ultimate goal is to be able to boot current Powermac Tiger OS on the Xserve...effectively migrating it over.

rambleAuthor Commented:
OK - I found what you were talking about.  It's under option.  Yes, it's already formated correctly.  So, would a straight copy then, work?  And, as I mentioned in my last comment, should the Powermac be the slave, or the Xserve?
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Now you are confusing me. Are you trying to boot the Xserve from the OS 10.4 system cloned from the Power PC Mac?  I have my doubts as to whether that will work. Macs, generally speaking, will not boot from a system older than the system that they originally shipped with. Also, the system installed on the PPC Mac is probably specific to PPC Macs and I doubt it would boot an Intel Mac.

Exactly what is it you are trying to do and why?

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rambleAuthor Commented:
I have a powermac and an xserver.  Both have Tiger installed (with identical php, python...etc versions).

However, I've tried to migrate some software that's currently on the powermac over to the xserve...and it has failed.  I'm not a Mac guru.

So, I've decided to try to clone (or migrate) the powermac to the xserve.

I was hoping that this would be the best way to retain the settings (all enumerated variables and current software relationships) that is on the Powermac.

I just haven't figured out how to get all the scripts, software etc...copied over without everything breaking down.  I suppose the OS wouldn't have to be copied over, but I'm not sure how entrenched the current software is (and dependencies) with the Powermac.  The one that setup the powermac left years ago.
Have you tried Migration Assistant (found in the \APPLICATIONS\UTILITIES folder)?
rambleAuthor Commented:
No. I don't work with Macs much and wasn't aware of it's existence, I'll look at it.   Thanks...
rambleAuthor Commented:
Well, I've tried the migration tool.  Tons of permission problems.  Apps aren't working.  Doesn't seem that this was meant for what I needed.  I just need to basically clone a Mac to another Mac on a different platform (architecture).   Rebuilding this Mac with the same tweaked config files and scripts will take months - since the knowledge of what was done has moved on.

Quite a conundrum.

Are you sure that you have installed Rosetta on the Intel Mac? PPC versions of apps won't run natively on an Intel Mac. They need the Rosetta emulator.
rambleAuthor Commented:
Rosetta wasn't an issue, as no app was specific dependent on the platform.  (i.e. php, apache, python, mysql).  The migration assistant simply didn't integrate as well as one would hope.  

I did run across a step by step instruction on how to do exactly what I wanted to do on the internet...but, I ran out of time and it butted up against my two week vacation.  When I came back, I haven't been able to find that resource.  If I do, I'll try to post it on this thread for anyone that may be interested.

So, in short, the solution wasn't found here - but the suggestions were useful and helped me explore multiple avenues.
rambleAuthor Commented:
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...I've already commented on this in my last comment of this thread.
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