Can I access LinkSys RVS4000 VPN Router with Cisco VPN Client

I have a LinkSys RVS4000 VPN router.  I have been having problems trying to connect to the router using the Quick VPN client.  I have seen in a post on this forum that the Quick VPN client won't work with any other VPN client installed on the same computer.  I have to use the Cisco Systems VPN Client, version, for access to my work's VPN.  Can I use this client instead of the Quick VPN client to access the RVS4000 router?  If so, how do I need to configure it?
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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you wish to use a client other than the Linksys QuickVPN, you can use The GreenBow Client:
Configuration instructions for the RVS4000:
They offer a 30 day free trail period if you wish to experiment with it.
Don't mean to be coy or anything, but the longer answer is not possible.
Cisco VPN client only talks to Cisco equipment. Yes, Linksys is now Cisco, but that does not mean it works.
QuickVPN is the only client that that I know of that works with the Linksys router.
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