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SQL Command in Crystal Reports

qbjgqbjg asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2013-12-05
I need to write an sql command to use in a crystal report. In that command one of the fields I need is soc# formated as character with the separating hyphens. The incoming field is a 9 position numeric. I need to do this so I can link to other tables that have the soc# formated as character with the separators. I am having a problem finding what I need to change it to character, so I can substring and concatenate to do the reformat.
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would that be CONVERT(CHAR(9), fieldname)


This is the code I was trying, that it did not like:
 substring("pr500ap"."prssno",1,3) + '-' +
          substring("pr500ap"."prssno",4,2) + '-' +
So how can I use the CONVERT(CHAR(9) in this statement?
if that is a numeric field, you convert it before you apply any string functions:
another thought, if that is a numeric field, it will strip off any leading zeros, you will need to check the length and pad it with zeros if it is less than 9 digits.


How do I check the number of digits?
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