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Hi all,
I have a Lenovo W700 that has 4Gb RAM.  Originally it had SP 32 bit OS loaded on it but it didn't recognize all 4GB of RAM.  So we decided to load 64-bit XP OS.  After the installation I am having tons of problems with drivers.  Right now in the device manager I have the following devices that have yellow question mark:
Base system device (Bus 21 device 0 function 4) = Ricoh RL5C592 Memory Stick Bus Host Adapter
Base system device (Bus 21, Device 0, Function 3) = Ricoh RL5C843 SD/MMC Host Controller
Base system device (Bus 21, Device 0, Function 5) = Ricoh RL5C852 xD-Picture Card Controller
PCI communication Controller (Bus 0, Device 3, Function 0)  =Intel GL40/GM45/GM47/GS45/PM45 Chipset - Host Embedded Controller Interface 1 (HECI1) [B-3]
Unknown Device ( Intel(R) ICH9M-E LPC Interface Controller - 2917)
I ran Everest and found the exact devices matching it's location.   I installed the PM45 chipset couple of times and I still get the questions marks.
Please let me know if you need additional information.  thanks

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Double check and make sure that the drivers that you are loading...installing are and support 64-bit...and not 32-bit...
The support for drivers in XP 64bit is very limited. the market kind of ignored this version of windows. Drivers for 64bit os's started when Vista was marketed. I tried as well loading xp 64but on a dell xps with 8gb of ram and had no luck. if you want the OS to recognize the full 4 GB on xp 32bit you need to put the /PAE switch in the boot.ini see below

annayegAuthor Commented:

Here's what I did to my boot.ini file but it still doesn't recognize the 4GB it only recognizes 2.49GB.

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /PAE
C:\CMDCONS\BOOTSECT.DAT="Microsoft Windows Recovery Console" /cmdcons

Is there anything else do I need to do?
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Does your BIOS see the 4 GB
annayegAuthor Commented:
yes, the bios sees 4GB
To address more RAM you probably need a BIOS that remaps some stuff, not sure if yours does.  I have a server with an Asus board that has at least a couple of options that I had to play with.

You will likely continue to have driver problems with x64 XP.  As LANadmn says it never really caught on.  Which I think is why MS makes people support x64 Vista if they want the Vista-compatible stamp.  Some people still don't support Vista 64 (notably Digidesign, those rat b******s) but hardly *anyone* supports x64 XP.

As you may have guessed, altho I am not terribly fond of Vista I did move to Vista 64 recently (after SP1) to get more addressable RAM.  Vista x64 takes up a lot more RAM too, but it's cheap now so I put 8 gigs in my machine and life is beautiful in that respect at least. :)

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try using the /3GB switch instead. You will never see the full 4 GB in windows. its by design.32bit  Server OS's handle memory addresses differently
annayegAuthor Commented:
I've tried with /3GB and it still sees 2.49GB.  I think we decided to try Windows Vista 64-bit.
Maybe the only choice for now until Windows 7. I have been testing the RC on a VM with 512 of ram and it is more responsive that vista installed on a physical system
Sheesh shoulda split points, didn't i just paraphrase the other guys? :)
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