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Add storage (DAS) to existing VMWARE server

damien1234 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-07
I currently have an HP DL380G5 with a P400 controller.  I just purchased an HP MSA60 DAS box.  The plan is to replace the controller with a P800.  HP said this should not affect VMWARE (3.5) in any way.  But now I will need to add the storage to VMWARE.  After configuring RAID and booting vmware I assume the new storage will just show up?  Then I will create a new datastore and voila, that's it?
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Unless HP has a VMware specific install, you are going to have to create a new datastore from the newly attached storage formatted with VMFS filessystem.  


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Do you have a local datastore configured as VMFS at present ?

How have you partitioned VMware ESX 3.5 Host ?


Yes, this is a production server.  There is a single internal array of 8 disks in a RAID 6 configuration.  ESX was installed with all the default partitioning schemes.


Well, today was the day.  I simply installed the P800 as a second controller.  Upon booting I configured the new array the way I wanted.  VMWare recognized the new controller without a hitch.   I created a new datastore and formatted with VMFS.  Simple, simple, simple.  My biggest concern going in was losing the primary array.  I decided not to try to be a hero and move the primary array onto the new controller and remove the old.  Now I can enjoy the weekend!

gave him the step-by-step from VMware on how to do this

Can't imagine how "solved it myself" applies after being shown the manual procedure for this


The question was more about how VMware would react to switching controllers.  It seemed a bit to simple to me and I was concerned if I had a solid plan and really just wanted confirmation from others.  Without question the referenced pages were dead on although I didn't need them since I already knew how to do these things.  I will concede dnilson has a valid point since my actual questions referenced the storage showing up and and the adding of the datastore.  I also thought there would be a possiblity of the objection.  I might have gotten the answer I was looking for if the question I wanted answered was more clear... such is the nature of being technical.
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