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MSExchange SMTP Receive Connectors

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Last Modified: 2012-05-07
We are running SBS 2008 (Exchange 2007) we have 2 SMTP Receive connectors one hosting our mail eg splatt.com.au (not our real domain name) and a second receive connector which is a relay connection eg mail2.blah.com.au.  When we restart our server for whatever reason, we intermittently have the second relay connection start as our primary smtp receive connector.  In order to get things working as expected we restart all exchange services and the correct one starts as the primary connector.  

While this is very intermittant - probably because it is a 50/50 chance of the wrong connector starting first - we previously had 2 other connectors - the Windows SBS Fax Sharepoint Receive and the Windows SBS Internet Receive and we are looking at re-instating at least 1 of these two which would increase the chance of the incorrect connector starting up.  

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Jamie McKillopIT Director


I'm not sure you have your receive connectors configured. There is no such thing as a "primary connector". Each connector needs to be running on a different port or IP. You can't have two connectors listening on the same port on the same IP. Are you using multiple IPs? If so, you probably have both connectors set to use "All available IP addresses". Change this so that the IP associated with the connector is specified.



we are using the same ip for our external connectors - one connector is using port 3325 the other port 25, the other connector is the internal connector servername.domainname.local

so we have
mail.domain1.com.au port 25
mail.domain2.com.au port 3325
server.domain.local port 25 (i believe)

last night for example after we rebooted the server when telnetting to mail.domain1.com.au on port 25 we would always be welcomed with the header server.domain.local and emails would bounce back with a relay denied message as the mail was expecting to reach mail.domain1.com.au and was receiving a response from server.domain.local

hope this helps
IT Director
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Hi JJ, Thanks for the response.  I have never seen this issue on othersites.  So your suggesting we shouldn't have any problems by changing the port for the internal connector to say 4425?

Jamie McKillopIT Director

You can change the port to any port than isn't currently used by the server.

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