Add beep at regular intervals to copyright music

I need to add a beep every 10 seconds to music tracks which are streamed over the net. Anybody know of any free/cheap software that will do this?
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ZeftronConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Audacity is free and has a sound mixing function.  I'm not sure if there is an automatic beep every 10 seconds feature, but you could play around with it to see if it suits.

MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yeah Audacity may work, so I agree with Zef, but it's not straight out simple. I have aded overlays and it takes a little time to get familiar with the process of where you want to add in the extra piece.
you need to overlay the beep into the audio track so it merges it.
Nero Wave edito will also do this
Do you have a beep mid or wav to add in?
You open audacity drag and drop your audio track on and then you drop in the beep wav as a new track it will appear beneath the main, then get your curser and mark in about 10 secs
you'll see a line then go to PROJECT above, select Align and move Curser>Align with curser.
Drop the Beep on again it will appear below the first Beep/ put your curser on agaon but further on go to Project again etc keep doing this till the end.
then go to file top left export as MP3
It's labour intensive so I hope you dont have too many.
Also you may need to increase the volume so it is annoyingly louder than the audio track.
I've included 2 snaps how I do this. Ask away if you need help/

Here's the best tutes for Audacity just press play

Another workaround is to play the tracks in MPC  the beep in another instance of media player classic
 record the new mixed sounds track in Audacity using the stereoMix and save as a new track with beep included.
MPC will run several instances

Adding beep again 10 secs  later and what it looks like Audacity
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fredshovelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow I'm exhausted after reading all that.

Install Audacity. Open and choose Generate from the Toolbar. Choose Tone and select 240 seconds (the usual max length of a song). You'll notice that on the timeline you can select 10 second intervals by dragging the mouse to highlight. So highlight the first 10 seconds and then from Generate select 'silence'
and drop in about 10 seconds of silence at intervals all through the track until the end. Save this as a wave file like beep.wav. Then open your song which will appear on one track, then select import audio and import your beep.wav file. Save all files together as wav. Do this for all songs.
you didnt mention what format the  the audio will be streamed?
suromaAuthor Commented:
Thanks Zef. for pointing me in the right direction so quickly and fred/Merete for their methods

Mate, it's winter here in Australia, and you're making me cold with your sleeveless singlet. If you take a look at Merete who hails froms sunny Queensland, even she's got a jacket on. So, a bit of dress-sense please.
Beep, beep.
suromaAuthor Commented:
fredshovel, you are right
i prefer to wear shirts but unfortunatly my huge muscles split the seams and so i am forced to wear these. i pray for an unattractive boney body but unfortunatly miracles never happen overnight
i asked what format you were intending to stream because if you are streaming flash audio the beeps would not have to be applied to the music but the movie itself, this would eleviate the need to add a beep track to each and every song, thus saving a lot of time in the long run
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