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Dynamics CRM 4.0 hanging sporadically

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Last Modified: 2013-11-24
We are noticing a problem with our Dynamics CRM 4.0 hanging sporadically from both the web client and outlook client.

For some users, the whole system freezes for approximately three minutes at which point an error message is displayed(see below).  In the meantime, other users can access the system fine. After the error message the system works fine for that user.

This problem occurs for some users more than others, although they are set up with exactly the same roles and permissions. This issue doesn't occur if the user is logged onto the CRM server.

An error has occured. Try the action again. If the problem continues,check the Microsoft  Dynemics CRM Community for solutions or contact your organisations Microsoft Dynamics CRM Admiistrator. Finally, you can contact Microsoft Support.
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As this is a very generic error message, it would be difficult to find the root cause of the issue.

Can you please login to the CRM Server and check the Event viewer, you could find some information. Also you could download CRMDiagtool4
and enable tracing, this would log more detailed information in the trace log files generated.

Also do you restart the IIS when the CRM hangs and it starts working afterwards properly?

There could be multiple reasons why this could happen. One of them would be, if the plugin or workflows are not properly written to handle some scenarios, which might result in system slowdown.
Check if any bulk emailing or any bulk import operation is on going, probably if there is anything that is running on a scheduled basis.

Let me know how it goes


On further investigation I found that the users that were freezing had the format set to English (United Kingdom). Users who are set to English (United States) are not freezing. However, we do need to set users up as English (United Kingdom), so need to resolve this.
This issue does seem to be restricted to the Citrix servers that the users are accessing CRM from. These server's regional settings are set to English (United Kingdom), so I'm not sure why this is happening.

Any ideas?
Can you confirm me that if you happen to set those users (for whom it was freezing and set UK as language) did it worked smoothly after changing them back to language  - United states?


Yes, CRM worked smoothly after changing them to English (United States)
May I know what is the latest rollup installed? both on server and outlook client? rollup 2 has sometimes has issues with regards to timezones. If it is installed, probably you can try uninstall and installing back again.


We are on Rollup 3
Can you try in your test environment upgrading to latest rollup. its now up to rollup 5 and see if its having the same impact. By the way, was there any trace log file information that got logged (after enabling trace) when users faced this issue?


The problem seems to be a network problem that is currently being investigated. I will post the final resolution when/if I'm informed.
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